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Full Version: Why does the forum forget my login?
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Every now and then the forum software is forgetting my login as if I did delete my cookies - which I didn't (neither accidentally nor willingly). Sometimes I'm recognized for several days under my account and then - wham!, I am a guest.

Normal behaviour?
does it to me too, and I've heard complaints from others. Probably just a result of the upgrade we did awhile ago, which either introduced a bug or some sort of security thing that is pickier about your cookies or what have you.
i don't have an issue with cookies. but i do notice that if i switch from my mac to my pc and login.. it dumps the password. So what i did was download a fake User Agent extension for firefox which tricks the forums into thinking i'm on the same DS_xP.gif machine.. and it works great.
i had been bitching about this on IRC a few days back.
Yes it's very annoying! Now I have to remember my password
well.. let's see if this change will help. I've disabled stronghold cookies:

Create a stronghold auto-log in cookie?
If enabled, when a member logs in, an additional cookie is set which contains geographic information in a crypt to make cookie stealing almost impossible. Only turn off if users cannot stay logged in.
laugh.gif that might help
Maybe when you log out ,you don't click the "remember".We will not always complian . thumbs_up.gif
Maybe it's because.......

Who are you again?
I've actually had the forum software log me in as someone else when I've clicked on a link to a thread that they've sent to me via email.

Logs me right in as them. Even sent them a PM from themselves to prove that I was logged in as them.
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