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Full Version: Everything about this Neon is amazing.*
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QUOTE(eighteenseconds @ Mar 26 2007, 06:14 PM) *
Saw it too, it's awesome. He's done it again somewhat for his newest movie Rescue Dawn, where he plays a guy in a POW camp, hence the re-skinnying.

He gained all the weight back and more in 2 months for Batman Begins. CRAYZAYY

Non-functional Z4 fenders, useless aftermarket hood, glued-on side intake, huge ugly-ass spoiler, extremely worn and ugly rims, randomly chosen and plastered stickers, uhh...mud flaps?, pointless spike in side, taped on front grille...

Mudflaps!! They should rally that thing.
fiber optic
People don't know when to stop. I see it all the time but usually on trucks. First with some chrome fenders, then to the color matched running boards, the colored windshield visor is next, then the cab lights, goofy wheels sticking out way beyond the fenders, and the final step is those cab tassels and some stupidly large sticker on the back window (memorial, brand of truck, club, insult, calvin peeing on X, etc). They start off with good intentions and by the end it looks like they bought everything JC Whitney sells for their particular make and model.
Honestly...this one is so bad I hope its just someone with a sense of humor, or at least thats what I'm hoping. People eff up their cars pretty badly with unnecessary crap, yes...but this goes so far that someone COULDN'T be that stupid. Hopefully. Quite amusing nonetheless - the fake bolted on FMIC is the best part in my opinion. laugh.gif
Does the owner have too much spare time and no life?
that carlooks like a joke someone with too much money did.....
wow.... thats the best front mount interfooler i've seen to date.
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