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Full Version: Time issue.
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Whenever I'm logged in the time indicated in the forums is an hour behind what time it actually is here (US - EST). Is this an issue of the forums or do I have to change a setting somewhere (I can't find anything about timezone though)? It's only been messed up since daylight savings kicked in.
the time looks ok for me. are you sure you have the time zone set correctly?

Time works for me. I'm in EST, too.
fine here as well, EST

and do you mean do I have the time zone set correctly on my clock or for the forums? cause i couldn't find a time-zone option in the forums...
Just kidding I found it...I had automatic DST correction ticked in board options:
which hides the question "is DST in effect in your region":

I assumed "Automatic DST Correction" would automatically correct the clock in the forums for DST in my time-zone, which, against logic, is not the case. All is better now though, not that it was really that huge of an issue anyways...

Edit: this automated picture resizing thing is annoying.
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