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Full Version: Custom Dual CAI? Yes Please
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While looking around Craigslist listings of cars. I spotted this gem. If anyone has the cash to drop: PICK THIS BABY UP!!!

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NISSAN 300zx

oh good lord... thats awful. and a widebody without the wider tired?
Apparently someone flagged the post.

and here is how he described the car:

1991 Nissan 300ZX NA 2+2 5spd V6 Molded Fiberglass Wide Body Kit
Clean/Clear Title in Hand - Perfect

Price: $3,500
Engine: 3000cc V6
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 150000
Vin#: JN1RZ26H5MX501813

1991 300ZX NA 2+2 5 speed. Full custom one-off hand laid and molded fiberglass wide body. You will not see another like this. Inspected and ready to sell.

INTERIOR: power windows, power locks, power mirrors, 4 wheel disc brakes, ABS, T-tops, power leather seats, AC, cruise, heated mirrors, Momo 6.5" speakers and tweeters with crossover, shift knob, shift boot, and pedals, rear wiper, rear defrost, with 5 speed transmission. White face cluster, Autometer Tach with light, Pillar gauges are also Autometer Ultra-lites - voltage and oil pressure. Interior in good overall condition.

ENGINE: Replaced in December of 2004 with a NEW STILLEN LONGBLOCK, still under warranty for 10 months from now unlimited mileage. Engine was replaced by Local auto shop - have receipts for engine and labor. When the engine was done we also added: headers, under-drive pulleys, custom dual cold air intake, custom full dual exhaust with crossover pipe, front and rear upper strut bars, all belts and hoses replaced, water pump replaced, fuel injection service, fresh coolant and flush, thermostat, fuel filter, pvc, plugs.

FACT: Engine warranty requires a $25 transfer fee - VERY SMALL PRICE TO PAY!

EXTERIOR: Full front to rear, hand laid fiberglass wide body. Completely molded in, smoothed out and prefered. This is a one-off body not a kit, My car was in the shop for 4 months. Custom front nose with driving lights and NO2 purge areas built in. Lower piece of nose has a carbon fiber skid plate attached. Both doors had pieces attached and molded to exactly match the fender and rear quarter extensions. Fenders and quarter panels were molded in and rear quarters are extended approx. 8.5". Custom sill vents behind each quarter glass with vent and drain hole built in. Remote control rear spoiler - Carbon Fiber and motorized, you can raise and lower it by remote. 18" 350Z wheels with good Potenza tires. Windows are lightly tinted. J-spec taillight conversion.

FACT: Lower nose has one small crack - tried to take picture of it but it is not noticeable in photo. Body is in primer and would not need much prep to paint - original car color is red.

Car is in good overall condition. It has 150,000 on the chassis at this time, I drive It needs paint, of course, and to be detailed your way under the hood and inside. Basically stock under hood and interior. Have all receipts for engine and installation and warranty book with all needed transfer information.

Link to AVI file of exhaust sound:

It runs super strong, shifts smoothly, excellent condition, looks great, definitely a head-turner, sounds mean and is an absolute blast to drive.
Serious buyers please feel free to email me for more details or photos. If you intend to buy please have all cash in hand and ready! No Trades! I have been honest about this cars description and I am happy to answer any questions. Only serious inquires, please!
Feel free to email me with any questions you might have at !...

Just email me and I will answer all your questions gladly!
Thank you in advance for your interest!!!
remote control spoiler laugh.gif
350Z (..maxima) wheels
new stillen longblock.. but dont forget, they FLUSHED THE COOLANT!
voltage gauges crack me up
I would like to round up all the owners of these abominations (such as this Nissan) and put them on a desert island and film a reality TV show which could enlighten the rest of the world as to how these guys think and carry on in day-to-day life.
If you try really really hard to ignore the excess fiberglass, the rims don't look too bad on that car.. kinda helps modernize the car slightly.

Bah.. who am I kidding.. damn near impossible to tone the body work out. D:
What in the fuck. Surely this idiot can't be proud of this monstrosity.

If you read between the lines of his description it says "Buy this car if you never want to get laid again"

I dont even want to think about how fast the engine will hydrolock if you drove it in the rain.
sick.gif sick.gif sick.gif to the 10th power!
QUOTE(DaGonz @ Mar 13 2007, 03:54 PM) *
sick.gif sick.gif sick.gif to the 10th power!

59049 x sick.gif. impressive.
That's some serious math you did there
awww poor 300zx T_T

someone take it outta its misery, destroy it.
QUOTE(Marien @ Mar 13 2007, 06:11 PM) *
That's some serious math you did there

yea, i can actually do long division out to 100 decimal places in my head as well as powers up to the 25th. nerd.gif
QUOTE(BankieVR6 @ Mar 13 2007, 11:29 PM) *
yea, i can actually do long division out to 100 decimal places in my head as well as powers up to the 25th. nerd.gif
Depressing dance.gif
wow, this is a joke right?? the widebody is a little too wide on the rear...yeah, just a little...
I'd buy it just to undo that shit and bring the car as close to OEM as possible. What a waste of a Z
I saw this several months back on eBay and it gave me a good laugh. You'd have to pay me (well) to take that car off of someone
ill say this yet again...i hate Z owners.
We hate people who bumped age old threads without anything good to add to the thread.
QUOTE(thearkitekt @ Jul 26 2007, 11:20 AM) *
ill say this yet again...i hate Z owners.

Seriously fuck off. You bumped an ancient thread, and made a generalization about the owners of an excellent sports car.
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