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Full Version: Where is my new guitar?
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Went down to the local music store and bought a guitar but they had to order it. This was on Labor Day nearly 3 weeks ago. The salesperson said "5-10 business days". I called on Monday to see what was up and they said it still hasn't shipped and tried to calm me with a free set of strings. I dunno if i have the patience to wait much longer.


It will be the 3rd in my collection but the 1st acoustic.
what kind is it?
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Cheap Fender acoustic.

Freak left-handed me. cran.gif

link mine will be black if the boneheads got it right.
That sucks man I HATE ordering things, it usually takes soo long. I love acoustic's though, my electric hasnt been used in at least a month. Only problem is the acoustic one is friggen tiny, and the neck meets the body at around the 12th fret sad.gif
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I've been playing my Danelectro lately but I did open the case on my Stratocaster and it smelled like maple syrup and played like butter. I almost wanted to make some pancakes.
haha. I have some crappy old acoustic and my bo has a nice electric yamaha and he has put some really good pickups in it. Along with those he has a huge 50w amp and a 100w. Those things are so noisy, and bloody annoying when he wont shut up
I wish I could play a guitar ;(
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QUOTE(Cyclone @ Sep 20 2003, 01:49 AM)
I wish I could play a guitar ;(

Me too sad.gif

My amp is only rated for 45Watts but the volume dial goes up to 12 but I usually set it at 2. Converted it to all tube circuit and it sounds so good.
QUOTE(Cyclone @ Sep 19 2003, 10:49 PM)
I wish I could play a guitar ;(

same here, my family has 3 guitars and I dont know how to play.
I love my 25 year old fender acoustic
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I got the call today that it's at the store! I'm gonna try to leave work early tomorrow to go get it. Then I'll probably try to play it all night. cool.gif
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Nice, that's a good looking gee-tar. thumbs_up.gif
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QUOTE(clarkma5 @ Sep 27 2003, 02:00 PM)
Nice, that's a good looking gee-tar. thumbs_up.gif

Sounds great too.

She offered some free strings because it took so long and I was going to buy a stand. However, I took the stand instead of the strings. Price on it says $20.86! Strings would have been around $14 I think (Elixrs)
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