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I was the annual Club Polo rolling road day last weekend. As you might expect from a community that has so many members there was a massive number of very different Polos there. Chief amongst which was this one:

Its owned and maintained (I may use that word lightly) by a guy called Leroy. Don't know about you lot but I think its really rather special wink.gif

I believe that originaly it was a mk3 GT (1.3-litre 75bhp) but whatever it is, it was damned loud on the dyno!

Good... bad... or just ugly? I love it smile.gif
bad and ugly.
I'd hit it...
I'll give it a win just for the funny bumper stickers. The car alone? Bad and ugly.
pretty freakin' awesome, if you ask me
I LOL'ed at the bumper stickers. Bravo! :clap: :clap:
The whitewalls are a nice touch. biggrin.gif
From the back it really looks like a Skoda Felicia?
Euro white trash ?
that shit rules.
LoL is this kinda like a version of ratstyle
Who would have suspected that such an unassuming car could attain so much character? Yup, this car has personality. Although I think if I were to drive this car, it would scare all the chiquitas away. <waiting for witty comeback>
Yeah I bet you've got the chiquitas just flocking to you in your jetta and miata dance.gif
QUOTE(nismo @ Feb 6 2007, 05:42 PM) *
LoL is this kinda like a version of ratstyle

Sort of, yeah. There's a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts who have formed a community named "slammed shitters" laugh.gif
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