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Full Version: Owned by a crazy viper
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So I was getting onto the freeway today going around a clover leaf and no one was behind me when i started. I took the leaf fast next thing i know there is a set of lights on my bumper close to me. I get to the top of the leaf and try to loose the lights but they hold tight. At this point i am like wtf is this? I take my car up to about 80 and then it opens with the freeway at that point. The car behind me blasts over to the next lain and launches past me then slows down back to about 75. I was able to get my phone out for a few shots but out of the 5 only 2 were clear enough to count. The guy in the viper was laughing at me, I dont really know what I think about this but I was owned.

what do you drive?
I doubt he was laughing at you. If he was then FUCK YOU FOR LOOKING AT HIM HARD ENOUGH TO SEE THAT HE WAS LAUGHING.
Wait you were driving your Fuckus?
Yea he was laughing at me because when we slowed down i caught up to take the shots. It was funny how slow my fucass was in comparison to this thing.
This is like comparing a Three-Toed Sloth to a Cheetah
just remember a 3 toed sloth grows moss on its self so its l33t
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