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Full Version: Pages taking long to load
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I don't know if it's me or not, but the pages are taking quite a while to load up. Something wrong with the server or?
A very long time...
yep, something is very wrong with the server.
At least it's back up and running normal. What was the problem Diesel? or Mix?
It's a little hard to tell for me because my internet's being fucktarded and slow everywhere, but it seems that even with that DS is just being slower than everything else. And the last few days/last week has been very bad.
I did have trouble at the ass end of last week, but it seems fine now.
Today is the first day its even loaded for me in like 3 days.
just found out from Mix that it was the backup backing things up. weird that it would take so long and use so much resources.
As soon as I posted that message earlier the forums crashed on me again. Is it sorted now then?
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