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Full Version: From a Design standpoint, what makes this site
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This question is really directed to the owner of the site Diesel but I thought I could make a thread out of it.

Can you please tell me what were your thoughts when designing this website? What makes this site better (from a general designer standpoint) then other sites?

I'm talking about the layout in general and not the content of the site
Are you talking about the forums or the main site?

Because the forums are very functional I would say, but it's not diesel's design; it's Invision Power Board's.
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In my opinion:

- Simple (not a lot of crap cluttering up the pages)

- Easy to read (good choice of text vs. background colors)

- Easy on the eyes (no annoying colors)
i think the whole wallpapers section looks very professional. its a very user-friendly site. the only thing i would suggest, is now that the forums arent exactly new, to put the forums button on the main bar in the upper left of the main site. very good in general tho.
It's pretty much tops on the internet in terms of functionality (content, too, but that's a different story biggrin.gif )
well.. i kind of think of myself as a wannabe designer. I mean it rubs off on me all day at work because i sit around the graphics guys and their design stuff. I initially wanted to go with bold red color against a white background (some of you might remember that thread).. but then i said to myself.. "Everyone's site is bold flashy in-your-face type" and i didn't want that.

I also didn't want a site that relied too much on graphics. I mean graphics is nice if you're trying to sell yourself or if you think you have to make up for the content or something. But I knew from the start that my content was going to grow immensely.. So lots of graphics didn't make sense. (plus it would only add to the monthly bandwidth usage). So i just relied on simple colors that go well together, and good looking fonts.

However, I DON'T think my fonts are as good as they can be yet.. but i'm happy with the colors overall. I was thinking of doing a redesign since all the pages are static, and it's a bitch to update it (like adding a forums to the menu).

I guess i will have to get to it sooner or later.. but i'll just stick with the colors, and create a huge template or something that will update everything at once.

so basically.. my design principle is clean simple designs with good color usage that go well together.

if you love design.. then check out cuz they're OG like that.
QUOTE(Diesel @ Sep 18 2003, 06:29 PM)
but then i said to myself.. "Everyone's site is bold flashy in-your-face type" and i didn't want that.

that is why I am using your site as one of my recommended links

I really just wanted to hear it from you

Thanks for your reply
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