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Full Version: What would YOU eat?
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So, I'm severely bored/retarded so I'm going to make this poll. Which would YOU rather eat?

Exhibit A:

Here we have pasta with ground beef covered in a delectable pre-made tomato sauce (Prego) with a side of green salad consisting of spinach, arugula, tomatoes, and other stuff topped with garlic bread croutons with Thousand Island dressing. Made it myself.

Exhibit B:

Here we have some homemade garlic bread, fried sausauges (under the eggs), scrambled eggs, some really disgusting fries I found in the back of the freezer, and a green salad like the above minus the tomatoes and croutons but with the same Thousand Island dressing.

Exhibit C:

Finally, we come to the (in)famous Big Mac and its clucky sidekick, the McChicken. I do not recommend mixing the two meats. Or do I?

Exhibit D:

As an added bonus we have... the Brain Burger. I think it was either cow or goat brain. Mind you I didn't actually EAT this. I just found it on some Korean blog. A memory which haunts me to this day.
Pasta n salad looks the most delicious...and now Im hungry tongue.gif

(I also have those Logitech speakers)
Ok, who voted for the Brain Burger? laugh.gif
Pasta and Salad. Those McDonald's burgers aren't their best (Would've gone for 2x double quarter pounders). I would've voted B if you baked the fries, making them very nice and crunchy, but those look soggy.
1st pic for the win =), i am a healthy eater.
if i get so much as a sliver of lettuce in my mouth i gag. i cant stand lettuce or salid i will vomit

i only like green beans, peas, corn, onions as vegetables.

so i vote BURGAR
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