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Full Version: Random Cayman Interior
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This probably isn't worthy of a thread, but I was browsing around for a wallpaper and came upon...

A ghetto looking car phone in a Techart Cayman...why???
Thats part of the PCM option which is only avalable in Europe...I think.

But ya, in this day and age, bluetooth, a speaker and a mic are more than acceptable...maybe there is some strange law in some european countries about that kinda stuff...but I doubt it.
That's so out of place in a sports car.
I see that thing in half the pictures of Porsche interiors I see. I can't claim to understand it at all.
Why that brick of a phone is there? Very simple, that is a picture of the interior of the press car, so obviously it is fully loaded with all the optional extras from the list. They almost always do that.

I also think those phones are damn silly, baring in mind almost everyone has a mobile phone with bluetooth these days...
I still think carphones are awesome. Back in the day I had a friend whose dad's car had a carphone and we thought his dad was the absolute shit for having one.
I noticed that VW always has a thing for Nokia phones in their cars


I think it's just a European thing.
Nah, it was only the R32 that had it. All the other VWs have no car phone, except for the Touareg and Golf GTI.
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