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Full Version: Factory Five Racing GTM
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After years of engineering and development work, Factory Five Racing is ready to introduce the world to their vision of what an American-designed Supercar should be. The GTM is an American V-8 powered, mid-engined car with a composite body shell and an aluminum and steel tube frame chassis. The car uses GM Performance engine and suspension parts with four-corner coil-over shocks, huge brakes and a Porsche 911 Transaxle.

Kit Cost: $20,000
Approx total cost to build: $40,000 - $60,000+
Curb Weight: approx 2,400 pounds
Weight Dist. F/R: 42/58%
Engine: GM LSx OHV V8
Displacement: 5.7L - 7.0L+
Horsepower: 350-700+ bhp
Torque: 350-500+ lb/ft
Transmission: 6-speed Porsche G-50 transaxle
High-Res Pics

Make no mistake, this is a kit car. You buy just the body and frame from FFR and still have to buy a whole laundry list of parts to make it run. But with a healthy budget, the GTM has the dynamic potential to match the performance of some very expensive factory machinery. And compared to other garage built cars like the Ultima GTR and the Saker, the FFR GTM is damn good looking to boot.

PBB: Good-looking and LSx midengine power for cheap? It's Frozen baby!

It seems overtly generic looking and this really isn't what I like in a kit car.
With the body on, it looks terrible. Without it, though, DAMN.

Yeah, it just doesn't do it for me. Cars like the Ultima have something, that i feel is lacking in FFR.
Though I can follow the line of logic that says it's uncool, it seems to me that if I saw this thing motoring down main street I would piss myself and yell "FUCKING BADASS!" which is hardly true of the equivalent Ferrari or what not.

Makes me think of a Camaro at the front and a Corvette at the back. Uncool.
It's a lot of machine for not a whole lot of money. Frozen.
Its only cool. It hasnt proved its worth so that keeps it out of the frozen section
Only cool...clark's logic really puts this in perspective since I would be highly impressed if I saw this in my neighborhood. However, a lot more then just specs make a supercar and this just doesn't make kit car but it is still a kit car...
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