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Full Version: Wiesmann GT
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Wiesmann is a small carmaker from Germany and their latest offering is the Wiesmann GT, a small coupe powered by a BMW V8. The chassis employs an aluminum monocoque a la Lotus and a handcrafted FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) body. Designed as a true Grand Touring car, the GT places an emphasis on long-distance comfort and style. Though with it's performance tuned suspension, manual transmission and willing V8, the GT can wake and play when asked.

Wiesmann plans to beginning importing cars to the US in 2010. Source

Specifications and Performance
Engine type: BMW V8
Displacement: 4.8L (4799 cc)
Horsepower: 362 bhp @ 6300 RPM
Torque: 364 lb/ft @ 3400 RPM
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Curb Weight: 2800 pounds
0-60mph: 4.6 seconds
Top Speed: 174 mph

Personally, I think it's a sexy little car and would love to have one. It's certainly cool with it's good-looking lightweight body and proven BMW drivetrain. But it just doesn't have the panache and pedigree to be Frozen. A simple Cool it is.
I love everything about it...except the front end (more specifically, the grill). A better front end and this thing would be frozen, but my vote will have to go cool.
It's cool, but when it had the M3's I6 it was frozen.
No car with the important dails in the middle will ever be cool.
love the interior... but no airbag? or is it stuffed in there somehow?
Nope, no airbag. Those europeans really live on the edge.
*Those very low-production carmakers really live on the edge.
Cool for a squatter, but damn it's ugly.
Dr. Strangelove
Frozen, It just is, don't argue with me.
Definately cool. It's just so different from anything else you see on the road. I saw the convertible and loved it.
Frozen on looks alone. The car looks amazing. Love the long hood, rear-set cabin, and fluid lines.
QUOTE(clarkma5 @ Dec 6 2006, 01:00 AM) *
Nope, no airbag. Those europeans really live on the edge.

No airbags, but it comes standard with a pussy magnet!

I voted in this ages ago and I can't remember if I voted for Cool or Frozen. Probably cool because the location of the location of the dials on the dashboard suck.
Frozen doesn't do this thing justice. I was lucky enough to sit in one of these, and the interior is stunning in the flesh
Its definatley cool apart from the interior too much tan leather not enough brushed alloy for me!
I fucking hate this thing. So much.
Dr. Strangelove
This one has been contested since December 5th, time to put it to bed.

Ice cold, frozen. Even you guys who say you hate it, if you saw it on the road what would you say.

"Oh cool! a Wiesmann GT!"
Thats what I would say.
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