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Full Version: Some cool SEMA stuff...
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No details, just found the pix.
Something at SEMA that doesn't suck, I must be dreaming.
914 looks great but... poor poor DS... cry.gif
What's wrong with the DS? It looks HOT.
914 reminds me of the Smart Roadster at the front.
I think that spoiler on the 914 flips down when not needed, that rules!

Its a cool car...not sure if I would have done the engine the same (they used an Audi 2.7L twin turbo V6). I might have gone for a more "Porsche-ish" engine, like a 3.4L or 2.7L flat 6...and the GT3 sport seat looks kinda out of place...but over all a very nice effort.
Bumping this thread up where it belongs, so everyone can behold the awesomeness.
Fantastic ideas and execution!
914 needs a little refinement but I love the idea.
The Porsche looks amazing.
Aside from the rims, that DS is awesome. New DS mascot vehicle! biggrin.gif
Mr b00st
considering that 914 appears to have been done by an individual with finite funding not a company, i am VERY impressed.

I especially like the engine choice - i have a soft spot for the 2.7T.

Although i think "porscheness" could definetely be retained with an EJ25ET from the US market STi, don't you think? Hey, it's horizontally opposed!
QUOTE(PBB @ Nov 7 2006, 05:35 PM) *
Aside from the rims, that DS is awesome. New DS mascot vehicle! biggrin.gif

Well, I think the rims suit it. They might be a little too big, but they seem old school enough to fit in. Anything else on it would look out of place.
Thanks for the compliments!

I designed and built the neo914-6. Most of the details are in this thread and links: neo914-6 concept

It is a personally funded project that my sponsor, MSDS paid for my SEMA vehicle registration

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me...
That DS is fucking BAD ASS.
Sweet dear god, fucking sexy 914 as well.
Mr b00st
i need to reiterate: that 914-6 is the shit.
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