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Full Version: Porsche Cayman 2.7
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We all know about the problem with the Cayman S...its too close to 997 Carrera 2 money, and as such seems like a bit of a pointles model...What you may not know is that several journalists have critisized the Caman S for its un-refined engine, saying that it only really works after 4000RPM...and ruins the cars daily driver ability.

The 2.7L base Caman has no such hang ups...with the smaller vario-cam engine, which is a close cousin to the one recently found in the base boxster, the car has the ability to serve as a means of getting from A to B and as a back road weapon. Furthermore several reviews of this car lord praise on it, saying it is the better of the 2 Caymans, not just because of the price difference, but also because of the way the chassis responds to the less powerful, lighter engine.

However, like the S model, the 2.7 does have a rival close to home, the Boxster S. Just a few grand more expensive, and, with the revised 3.4 L engine from the Cayman S, it could make the choice to buy a Cayman all the more difficult. However, at least in my opinion, the 2.7L Cayman is distinct enough from the Boxster to make the choice between the two much easier than desiding between a Caman S and a Carrera.

Note: I know these are pictures of the S...finding pics of the 2.7 is hard...the only real difference is the spoiler on the 2.7 is black instead of silver, and there is only one exaust outlet...and smaller wheels.
Still frozen for me. Sexy as hell, with plenty of performance. When looking at stuff on the cool wall, I tend not to compare the cars to others, just look at whether they're cool or not in their own right.
It's cooler than the S for a variety of reasons.

1) it occupies a more distinct niche in the lineup, so you don't have to explain it as a poor man's 911.

2) the smaller motor has a better character than the bigger 3.4. You have to work at the stick more to get the most out of it, and it's got a unique sound compared to the bigger flat-6s.

3) the Cayman comes with less stuff, which means you've got a simpler Porsche. Simple is always good in my book, as well as cool.

I gave the S a frozen but I probably should've just called it cool, but the Cayman is definitely frozen. It's got less to prove and just as much to love.
Dakian sayz budget caymans just aren't cool.
Sometimes the budget cars can be cool...I think the 2.7L Cayman is one of these cases.

Its kinda interesting to think that Porsche used to offer the CS cars at a lowwer price than their fully optioned technically those were budget cars...which were cool.
Not a porsche leif. There are a few rare instances when a budget car is cool, but never with a porsche.
isnt it realative though?

a GT-2 is budget compared to a C-GT, a Turbo is budget compared to a GT-2, a C4S is budget compared to a Turbo, a C2 is budget compared to a C4S...etc.

The 2.7 offers value...but value isn't!
I think leif is saying that the 2.7 is more of a "pure" sports car. I think the term "budget" is just being used to say basic/less expensive. In a small sports coupe like the Cayman, i agree with leif that the 2.7 may be superior over the 3.4 S because it is more of a true sports coupe and not a model for porsche fans who cant afford a carrera. the 3.4 S is too close to the 997 Carrera 2 to be necessary to the porsche lineup. i also agree with clarks 3 points, especially #3, i think a simpler sports car is a better sports car, not necessarily a more expensive one with a bigger engine.
Don't kid yourself. the Cayman is for ppl who cant afford a Carrera...its a full Toyota Camary less than a C2. There will be very few people out there who can afford a 911, and go for this...those that do...respec.

What the Cayman is, is an entry level Porsche Coupe, which is an amazing the 968 an 914 (mostly a coupe) before it, the fact that it has a stunningly capable chassis is a bonus.
All of this is confusing, and well, pointless. I'm just going to assume Porsche knows what they're doing since they're the most profitable car company in the world on a per car basis. And they do that without diluting the appeal of their cars to the enthusiast. Is the Cayman frozen IMO? Yes. It looks beautiful, and it has the performance to back up those looks. I don't give a rat's ass whether it's a "budget car" or a "poor man's 911" or not. It's damned cool for me and that's that.
Dr. Strangelove
THIS IS NOT A COOL CAR! It may be a good car but it is not cool.
C'mon, is it not cool just because it's a Porsche? How unfair is that? You've got yourself a simple little hatchback sports car that's mid-engined and an absolute joy to drive. It's too cheap to be much of a poser car; the enthusiasts are the ones who are gonna buy it. And look at it! It's stunning!
Dr. Strangelove
No its not because it is a Porsche, the 911 is cool. The 944, 928, 914, spyder. These are all cool cars. This is not.

When you talk to a Cayman owner you will realise how big of posers they are.

Stunning?!?! It looks like automotive abortion! Chris Bengle makes better looking cars. Sure it looks alright from the front, but that is just a Boxter. All they had to do was put a hard top on their convertible and they fucked it up. I stand by my other statement that it looks like a 911 with Downs Syndrome. This is a cheeper version of an uncool car that Porsche is trying to pass off as an enthusiast car. It isnt, do not buy into it.

Porsche used to be people who built cars for people like us. They are no longer the car company that gave us those great cars I mentioned earlier in this post. Now they built cars like the Cayenne and the Panamerica and this poser car. The GT3 is coming with stability control. Lets not forget their recent issue with this site. Porsche builds cars that make them money. They build cars for golfers that want to impress people. They do not care about us anymore. Fuck you too Porsche... Uncool.

Wow, that may have been a bit harsh. I still heart.gif the 911 but I am so dissapointed with what this company is doing right now.
If anything, the Cayman is the last stand out AGAINST the "Cayenne-ification" of Porsche. It's their second cheapest sports car, and their cheapest hardtop sports car. It comes with a relatively low amount of equipment (adjustable suspension? Navigation? PCM? Those are on the options list, buddy). It is the simplest and lightest Porsche you can buy right now, and everything that follows after it will probably be more fatcat and less enthusiast as Porsche continues to go in that direction. Frankly, not since the 993 or 968 has there been such a Porsche. This is going BACK to their roots, not leaving them. The 997, even though it's trying to look like an old 993, THAT'S the poser's Porsche. The enthusiasts know the Cayman and Boxster are the better driver's cars; why do you buy a Carrera anymore? Because it gets your more respect from people like you; because bias says it's the one true Porsche when the facts don't back that up anymore.

And style is wholly subjective. I find the Cayman to be gorgeous.
I'm of the oppinion that if Porsche didnt make some compromises, like making the 911 more "user friendly", and coming out with an SUV there might not be a Porsche today...or it would be owned by a parent company, like Ford or Chevrolet.

I think its funny, that the "entry level" Porsche has almost alwasy been the better drivers car...the 912 handled better than the 911 of its day, the 914 handled better than the 911 of its day, the 968 handled better than the 964, 986 better than 996...the 911 has always been chosen by someone wanting something a bit more challenging...and something obviously more expensive.

It most likely stems from the fact that Porsche has alot more fredom with the "entry level" models, as everyone expects a 911 to be a certain way...but there are no preconceptions for an entry level Porsche, other than the fact that it must be a great drivers car.

I think the 911 still has charm...and a non S C2 would be a wonderful car.

and Strangelove...the GT3 has Traction Control, not stability control...there is a difference.
Dr. Strangelove
Thats a good point leif.

OK I went a little far saying that it isn't an enthusiast car. It is a good car, just not as good as I would have want it to be. But that is off topic. My point is that this is not a cool car.

How about this then. Assuming that the S is a cool car (and I still say it isn't) Owning a lower trim model is not cool. For one every time you see the next model up end up wishing that you had spent a little more and got yourself the other model. On top of that you will have to have this conversation all the time.

How about this then.
"Hey Bob I just got a new car."
"Oh really? What did you get?"
"A Porsche Cayman"
"Cool! Did you get the S?"
"Sigh... No"
"... But thats cool"
Eh I disagree with the sentiment that more is always better/cooler.
Ya...I have to disagree as well...I think the 2.7L Cayman is a car chosen by someone who holds handling dear. Lets not forget, 245BHP is a nice chunk of power in a light coupe...and mated to a sublime have a recipie for fun.

I know there are people out there who would react to someone getting a Cayman 2.7 as opposed to an S in the way you drscribe, strangelove. but those people are tools...and their opinion is not cool.
Dr. Strangelove
1 out of maybe 200 Cayman buyers will buy it because the 88 pound drop in curb weight. Most people are not like us, very very few are. The point of the cool wall is not what cars do we like. Its how cool it is.
QUOTE(Dr. Strangelove @ Oct 28 2006, 07:00 PM) *
The point of the cool wall is not what cars do we like. Its how cool it is.

Exactly. And in the eyes of the common people, just dropping the name Porsche is cool. No one cares which Porsche you drive, as long as it's a Porsche. Throw in some sleek, sexy coupe looks...and bingo automatic frozenness.
It's not cool, an RS version might be colder thou
QUOTE(moethepaki @ Oct 28 2006, 11:05 AM) *
Exactly. And in the eyes of the common people, just dropping the name Porsche is cool. No one cares which Porsche you drive, as long as it's a Porsche. Throw in some sleek, sexy coupe looks...and bingo automatic frozenness.

I don't think the average person would think that porsche is cool.
QUOTE(350Z @ Oct 28 2006, 10:29 PM) *
I don't think the average person would think that porsche is cool.

I remember going to a house party a couple of summers back. A friend-of-a-friend showed up in his bright red Porsche 944. He was hitting on a certain, easy and quite attractive blonde girl we all a casual conversation, she asked him what he drove...he said a Porsche. Even to a girl that knew nothing about cars...dropping that name was money in the bank. Hooray for vain and superficial girls.
Dr. Strangelove
Normal people think the Boxter is lame. If they knew that this was simply a Boxter with a hard top they would say uncool. Though moe brings up a good point. Ill give you cool for both this and the S but not frozen.
Picking up on girls doesnt make it makes it functional!
QUOTE(siefert @ Oct 29 2006, 07:11 PM) *
Picking up on girls doesnt make it makes it functional!

ahahahahaha awesome thumbs_up.gif
QUOTE(siefert @ Oct 30 2006, 06:11 AM) *
Picking up on girls doesnt make it makes it functional!


QUOTE(clarkma5 @ Oct 30 2006, 07:48 AM) *
ahahahahaha awesome thumbs_up.gif

Clarkma...may I suggest a Porsche for your next car...

But yeah seriously, my anecdote wasn't to say a Porsche automatically gets you laid, but was pointing to the badge kudos. Even someone with no knowledge in the automotive field, knows a Porsche is something special or cool.
I think most people with no car knowledge think the brand Porsche is cool. If they don't they probably have WW2 issues.
Mr b00st
not cool.
Massive zombie bump.

Frozen. I adore the Cayman 2.7. I think it's super-cool because Porsche broke with "what the established Porsche-buying establishment demands" and just built a damn brilliant sports coupe. And that sort of "fuck expectations" approach is very cool, at least if you like iconoclasm.

* A lot of modern Porsche enthusiasts demand a rear-engine because the 911 is God's Gift, blah blah blah, tradition, blah blah blah, heritage, yadda yadda yadda. An engine fore of the rear axle and aft of the seats is best for handling, though, and that's where they stuck it. Damn heritage and image, the engine is going to go where it makes sense. That's cool.

* A lot of Porsche-driving douchebags demand big powerful engines so they can brag to their golfing buddies about how fast their car is. The Cayman's light, small engine delivers all the thrust the car needs for backroads playtime without caving to the "faster is better" bragging rights crowd. That's cool.

* A lot of modern Porsche owners demand high prices to protect the exclusivity of their toys. They don't want middle-class guys tooling around with the same badge that adorns their 911 Turbo. At less than $50k new, the Cayman 2.7 risks damaging that exclusivity but also gets the car into the hands of some real enthusiasts (especially once you start talking used Caymans). That's cool.

Some may say that I just described a "good car" instead of a "cool" car. It's true, I do think the Cayman 2.7 is a good car. But I think it's cool because Porsche didn't compromise its simple goodness to make it fall more in line with the brand's image.

P.S. Did I mention it's got sexy lines?
Isn't as much of a douchebag car as the Boxster, but it still gets an Uncool. Meh.
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