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Any chance at getting a "Girls with/on/in Cars" subforum added to DS? angel.gif Anyone else wanna see this happen?
That's why there is a Babes section.
NO it is not.

that is only girls shots.

and i am voting for a new cars with girls forum biggrin.gif.
No, you can put your cars and babes in the babes section, alternatively you could just pin the topic. My idea was to have a wallpaper section dedictated to cars and girls.

Oh and Arnge, whereabouts in Egypt are you? PM me, I might be coming to AUC next semester...
there are enough sub forums as it is. no need for any others.
Just post pictures of cars and girls in the babes section you fucktards.
I vote for a "complaining about the lack of cars and girls subforum" subforum added under a comletely new forum called "girls on everything but cars forum" and of course i will be the local moderator thus creating the "discussions on why putting pictures of girls on cars in the babes forum just doesnt cut it for infinity" thread in which daiken will make fun of everyone and z0ne will complain and diesel will be like "hey you guys calm down" and dieselstation will live on
QUOTE(DakianDelomast @ Oct 11 2006, 04:24 PM) *
Just post pictures of cars and girls in the babes section you fucktards.

Damn that is so smart.,
QUOTE(Cyclone @ Oct 11 2006, 04:41 PM) *
Damn that is so smart.,

Well I am in college.
Welp, nevermind then. sad.gif
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