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hey...I was just thinking...I often come accross magazine articles which I think "I would like to share that with Dieselstation"

So I took the idea one further...there are parts of magazines that I like, but I can't justify buying the whole magazine for just one thing...Gordon Murray's column in EVO is a great example of that. So I thought...what if we could establish a network of sorts, which shares articles we would all like to read, but Don't want to spend $15/month buying.

For example, I subscribe to BBC Top Gear, Excellence and GT Purely Porsche...and I would be willing to scan one article from each of those a month...someone in the UK might get EVO on a regular basis and be willing to scan something form their

etc. etc.

So what do ya'll think...maybe its crazy...and super illegal...and will piss off people who contribute to magazines here...but im sick of paying upwards of $60 for all my magazines, and still wanting more.
Yah it's slightly illegal...
Welcome to the internet.
i think it is a good idea, and it might really work if ur willing to make some effort.

but they will bust you at the end.
And do what? Run me over with an Enzo?
Wow . you will be damn lucky if they do that , can i have that ?
there are already places that have mags in .pdf I know a guy in a forum I visit to who links me regularly, I'll ask him about his sources
I religiously buy EVO every month
^I like Gordon Murray's column every month, but I cant afford the $15 CDN every month...I already spend close to $50 CDN as it is on my magazines.
I don't read EVO but I subscribe to Autocar (weekly) and Performance VW (monthly). I believe there are some copyright issues in scanning articles and posting them on t'interweb for all to see and read wink.gif but is Gordon Murray's column available on the EVO website?
I dont think so...I checked and couldnt find it.
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