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Full Version: Nismo R34GT-R Z-Tune
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Since the introduction of the R32 model in 1989 succeeded by R33 and R34, the Second-generation Skyline GT-R has achieved numerous victories in racing scenes over the past 15 years. The advanced mechanism that was materialized by the combination of RB26DETT engine and ATTESA E-TS, has continued to lead its dominate the scene, achieved many victories, and attracted many GT-R fans.

Race vehicles, such as the Gr-A, N1, GT500, and the "Nürburgring specification," were developed based on the R34, which can be said to be the completed form of the 2nd-generation Skyline GT-R, and NISMO, who kept dominant in racing scenes, has unsparingly utilized the technology and know-how it has accumulated over those 15 years. The complete car, created based on the themes "the strongest road-going car in the world" and "Top of GT-R," is the NISMO R34GT-R Z-tune.

The basic concept for the NISMO R34GT-R Z-tune was finalized in 2000, and the vehicle made a splashy debut at the NISMO Festival. At that time, the vehicle was entered into a competition called the "Tuners' Battle," and it was victorious through its use of a maximum power of 600 ps.

This prototype machine, which focused on providing complete driving performance, undertook a new challenge in the following year. The challenge was to add comfort as a road-going model. In addition to an authentic leather interior, air-conditioning, and a catalyst, the engine was also changed from the Z1 to Z2. Development trials and tests have already been completed for this prototype machine to mature the vehicle. In 2003, it was finally taken to the revered Nürburgring. Furthermore, the engine was used in the Nürburgring 24-Hour Endurance Race, where it proved itself, and in the 2004 race it won in its class and the overall 5th position. In addition, various unit parts continue to be employed and improved in a variety of applications, and in that year they reached perfection by winning the Tuners' Battle.

And this year, as NISMO celebrates its 20th anniversary, this car will be made available to just 20 customers.

NISMO tuning concept is divided into the three classifications of S, R, and Z.
Z-tune : "Z-tune" refers to a vehicle that has been evolved to attain world top class speed and endurance as a road-going car. The pursuit of speed by obtaining a comprehensive balance for the vehicle is the extreme street tuning concept of NISMO."

The high-level specifications are produced from the same handmade manufacturing process used for racing cars.

The NISMO R34GT-R Z-tune, a complete car, created based on an approved car that was carefully selected by NISMO. A vehicle with a mileage of less than 30,000 km that meets all the requirements, including those for body condition, has the parts that will be modified removed, the body reinforced, and other work performed before it is painted and reassembled.

All of the work, from engine production to vehicle assembly, is performed by expert mechanics using the same handmade craftsmanship to race cars to achieve a level of accuracy and specifications that is unachievable in mass-produced vehicles.

Basically, this could be quite possibly one of the best production cars ever built. Dry carbon body parts with weight loss and aerodynamics in mind, 500hp Twin Turbo RB26DETT engine, hand built, desgined based on GT500 criteria, produced and tested AT the Nurburgring, and only 20 in production. I suppose this is what we could interpret as a Japanese modern supercar.

It's the only cool skyline in my book.
I just can't get excited about this car.... it's kind of ugly, too.

It's just some "tuned" Skyline even if it does come from a racing history.

I'd much prefer a normal R34 GT-R. Uncool.
QUOTE(Phix @ Sep 4 2006, 02:56 PM) *
I just can't get excited about this car.... it's kind of ugly, too.

It's just some "tuned" Skyline even if it does come from a racing history.

I'd much prefer a normal R34 GT-R. Uncool.

It's far more than just some "tuned" Skyline. But to each his own.
The only frozen Skylne...
No arguements from me. Subzero.
infanitly cool
Barely cool. Too much hype, limited production from the beginning and not even a racing homologation.
^ homogation? hahaha

my 2 cents..... brrrrrrr.... ice cold
We should have a new category for this car . Siberia cold .
Shot this car last week, saw it hammer on the track and road and this car is INSANE... it is hands down nothing like even the other R34 GTR's there. There were 24 R34 GTR's at the event and Z-Tune stood out. The visual differences are subtle but together they bring a unique presence on the road. You can tell this Skyline is different, and special...

...but not $170,000 USD (or $300,000+ AUD) special wave.gif
Ice Cold.
Frozen for sure !

Does anyone have any high-res (wallpaper) pictures of this car.

Easton ? biggrin.gif
Give me another month or two at most tongue.gif
QUOTE(Easton @ Sep 14 2006, 10:02 PM) *
Give me another month or two at most tongue.gif

cant you just "accidently" email it over DS_Naughty2.gif Hawt.gif
It looks very racy and purposeful, but its not frozen.
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