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Full Version: Car Parazzi
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I dont know if you guys have seen it but I recently saw it on the news and thought it was pretty cool.
Couple of kids with video cameras taping peoples' hot rides.
Slow site. Plus, I don't know if you're allowed to post links to other car-sighting websites...
Uhh, those are 12 year olds who run the site. They spot Bev Hills cars, and for some reason they were on Jay Leno. I remember seeing them and thinking: How the fuck did they get on!
When you're the first to do something, you win.
Yea I heard about them riding with the supercars that is awesome. I have seen them on tv and thought of sharing the link with you if its against the regulations please feel free to remove the topic
This is the dutch version.

I look on it every day. Easy way to kill 10 minutes.

(laatste 100 means newest 100)
Yeah I saw them on Leno earlier in the summer. And I still don't understand how they managed to get on to that seemed so random. But I guess Leno is a car guy, so it sort of makes sense.
So it's a collection of low resolution, low quality cars as spotted by kids. AWESOME!
They sound like fanboys
This site needs some real work. They have 456's in 612's and things like that.
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