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Full Version: Audi A2
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Audi Space frame design, built using considerable aluminium alloy content. Light weight, fun to drive and practical since it's about as roomy as a Golf but offers more flexibilty. Very good fuel economy. A project where the engineering department had more to say than the bean counters. Which resulted in a commercial failure: too expensive to build and the buying public did not understand the car or like the styling :-).

Love it. If I ever grow up I'll buy one. Now is it too sensible a car to be cool? I don't think so.

Always loved the A2, never seen a real one though...
Government of Canada brought one to Canada for testing. They only got the basic model (probably a Diesel) and it looked like crap. Boring and plain.
looks like a dodge caliber (or vice versa)
fiber optic
Too pudgy.
It's got nothing in the looks department, but I think it's cool for the whole "engineers get their way" aspect.
Borderline uncool.
QUOTE(idiot @ Aug 28 2006, 10:56 AM) *
looks like a dodge caliber (or vice versa)

I'm not seeing that.
The A2 really has a "Honey, I shrunk the Aztec." look from the rear 3/4. Still, cool enough I'd wilingly be seen in one.
Cool. I like everything except the looks.
Yup, the looks are controversial -- at certain angles it must be close to the aztec -- but it's really shrunk: about 32 inches shorter. I'm of the few weird people to like the styling, and even I think it could be a little bit wider and a little less tall.

But it just works. Low aero drag and really good room for 4 despite the length. Good luggage space (more than on an A3), excellent seats which can be removed in the back, an ESP system that is nicely tuned and not just bolted on to cover up a lacking chassis (A-Class...). Even the 75hp diesel feels surprisingly quick (200 NM/ton helps ;-). And flat out on the autobahn, with 4 people plus luggage on board and the AC always on, it used 6.5 l/100 max.

Pity it's not made any more. The thing would have rocked with the 170 hp 1.4 TFSI (6.5 kg/ps, 50 mpg and room for 4 sounds good in one sentence).
Horrid, thats the only word to describe it. Audi needs to make a nicer looking A2 and bring it over here as the entry level car.
QUOTE(porschedream @ Aug 31 2006, 08:12 PM) *
Horrid, thats the only word to describe it. Audi needs to make a nicer looking A2 and bring it over here as the entry level car.

So you can buy it, too. tongue.gif

I imagine you're on a personal mission to buy every single car currently in Audi's lineup and eventually open your own Audi dealership.

'Free Dental exam w/ every Test Drive! Guaranteed to leave a smile!'
Uncool thumbs_down.gif

It seems a box of refusals with four wheels...
Well, as you see the A2 is so cool it's even hated by the right people: lovers of overweight farming equipment and tifosi of the worst handling car currently in production -- the smart 42. Thanks for the support guys :-) !
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