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Didn't we used to have a set of forum rules? Should a new set be drafted and posted? It seems to me that a set of explicit rules, or at least guidelines, would be useful. That way, users have a good idea of what sort of conduct would (or would not) get them into trouble. It also offers some recourse if, say, moderator X is in a cranky mood on a particular day and badgers and/or threatens to ban user Y over something that is often tolerated on the forum. Finally, it would force the moderators to agree on what is or is not appropriate for the forum. For example, some moderators are will threaten to close threads that devolve into bickering, but other mods enter into such heated bickering themselves on a semi-regular basis.

If the rules were deliberately removed (instead of just lost somewhere along the way), why was that decision made? Just curious.

[Note: the comments about moderators in this post are not meant as an attack against any particular mod and should not be construed that way.]
Don't make illicit personal or racist attacks.

^That's all we need for forum guidelines, we can pin this now and rejoice.
QUOTE(PBB @ May 26 2006, 09:29 PM) *
Don't make illicit personal or racist attacks.

^That's all we need for forum guidelines, we can pin this now and rejoice.


I'll drink to PBB's rules, anyone else in? happy2.gif

beer.gif beer.gif beer.gif beer.gif beer.gif
You mean i cant call anyone gook, spic, terrorist, nazi, nigger, cracker ?
Shut up towelhead.
Get a tan you round eyed bible thumper.
Its hard to read but you get the idea.

Slur/ Represents/ Reasons/Origins

Locust Eater Afghans Locusts are considered to be fine dining in their country, they praise allah for about 3 hours if they should be so fortunate as to obtain such a marvelous bounty
NASA African Americans North American Street Ape
Quadroon African Americans A person who is 1/4 Black. Coined during the Civil War, referring to how White you had to be in order to serve in the army.
Clicker Africans Some African tribes communicate by "clicking."
Comrade Chinx Africans Comrade Chinx was a rebel in Zimbabwe during British rule, and now rebels throughout Africa have adopted this name.
Hapshi Africans Animal like, originates in ancient India, when some slaves were imported from Africa. Still in use.
Kafir Africans Referring to Black Africans. Kafir is an Arabic word with meanings similar to Goy or Goyim of the Jews, only describing any non-Muslim person in a derogatory way. S. African Kaffir possibly imported during the Boer War by British soldiers who had fought in the Sudanese campaign. It just means those who are not in whatever religion the Arabic speaker adheres to (Christianity or Islam). It can be negative if someone uses a negative, derogatory tone of voice, but the word itself isn't "bad" used that way.
Albo Albanians Self Explanatory
Redface Albanians Many Albanians seem to have a red face
Schiptar Albanians Derives from an Albanian word for themselves, but can be derog. when used by other people to describe Albanians. Also Shiptar, Shqiptar, and other variations exist.
Squarehead (2) Albanians Many Albanians seem to have a square head
A.I. Americans Stands for American Ignorance as well as Artificial Intelligence-in other words...Americans are stupid and ignorant. they think they have everything and are more advanced than every other country
Ame-koh Americans Term for Americans used by Japanese.
American't Americans Americans are stereotypically lazy.
Americunt Americans Self Explanatory
AmeriKKKan Americans Reference to inherent racism in US society. Entered the language as a part 1960s counter-cultural slang.
Amerikos Americans Russian deragatory term for a dumb American
Ami Americans This is just a German abbreviation. By itself it is not derogatory. Scheiss-Ami = Shit American, obviously derogatory.
Buddy Blaster Americans Refers to US troops' inability to distinguish between friend and foe on the battlefield.
Bushmen Americans For electing the bush dynasty.
Chopper Americans There is a high circumcision rate in the United States.
Colonial Americans Used by Europeans for Americans.
Dubya Americans The not-so-bright president
Duke Nukem Americans Used the first Atomic bomb.
Flash Americans Fucking Lazy American Shit Head. Used by Israelis to refer to American tourists who are accustomed to an easier standard of living. Compare with "dib" entry in list.
Great Satan, The Americans Muslims call Americans that
Hamburger Americans Used by Koreans to slur Americans.
Hot Dog Eater Americans Used by Canadians, referring to American tourists who eat a lot of hot dogs.
Jake Americans Used by Jamaicans towards white Americans. May be from "Jake and the Fat Man" TV show.
Jar-Head/Jarhead Americans U.S. Marines have haircuts that look like lids on jars.
Joe Americans Were referred to as "G.I. Joe" in World War II.
Jumbo Jaws Americans The great big mutant chins many Yanks have.
Kano Americans Filipino slang for Americans. Shortened from "Amerikano."
Merkin Americans American pronunciation of "American", also a pubic wig
Oil Junky Americans The United States is a major consumer of oil.
Pindos Americans A new word for "american" used in Russia
Puckstop Americans Great Targets, slow moving, and slow witted.
SCAB Americans Stupid Caucasian American Bitches
Sceptic Americans Rhyming slang, Sceptic Tank = Yank. Both are "full of shit."
Scheiss-Ami Americans Used by Germans as derogatory reference of Americans.
Seppo/Zeppo Americans Short for Septic, see Septic, Septic Tank.
Septic Americans Short for Septic Tank, which is rhyming slang for "Yank." Commonly used in Ireland. May also be used in the UK.
Septic Tank Americans Cockney rhyming slang for "yank", often abreviated to "Seppo"
Septic/Sherman Americans Cockney rhyming slang. Septic Tank/Sherman Tank = Yank
SFA Americans Stupid Fucking American - not very clever, but very prevelent in Europe
Sodbuster Americans People moving to the Midwest built their homes out of thick sod, since no other building material was available. They also had to break up the sod to plant crops.
Swamp Yankee Americans Of the same nature as "trailer trash", but referring to a poor Whites who live in the boonies.
TAP (1) Americans Typical American Prick
Tommies Americans American gangsters used the tommy gun, then later in world war two they used the Thompson, a modified tommy gun.
Twister Fodder Americans Many Midwesterners live in "Tornado Alley," which is known for having a disproportionate number of tornados every year.
Uncle Scam Americans In reference to Uncle Sam but with America's bad reputation
Yank Americans A more commonly used derivative of Yankee, used by pretty much every other English speaking country in the world. It is usually derogatory, but can be an endearing term.
Yankee Americans Slang used by the British. Also used in the former Confederate states to refer in a derogatory fashion to people of the Union states. Slur perhaps originally used derisively against the Dutch, calling them "John Cheese" (they made/ate a lot of cheese); Non-English speaking Dutch called back to the Americans, yelling "Yankee" (mispronunciation). Might also be a bastardization of "Jan-Kees", a common Dutch name.
Yankee Doodle Americans Used by the British Army to make fun of the rag-tag American army in the revolutionary war.
Zeppo Americans used by australians
Amo Amish Pronounced ah-mo.
Bun Runner Amish Amish often make their living buy baking bread (buns) and delivering them to the local market in town via horse drawn buggy or foot.
Cham (2) Amish Represents a former Amish man.
Horse-Beater Amish Because the always beat thier horses to go faster
J.O. Amish Pronounced 'cho.' Stands for Jerked Over. Refers to an Amish man who has left the church; no longer Amish. See: Cham.
Ant Antarcticans Self-explanatory.
7-11 Arabs Work at menial jobs like 7-11 clerks.
Abba-Dabba Arabs Used in the movie "Betrayed" by rural American hate group.
Abdul Arabs Common name.
Abi-Dabi Arabs A mispronunciation of the capitol city of The United Arab Emarites, which is Abu-Dhabi
Ahab Arabs From the song "Ahab, the A-rab"
Aladdin Arabs One Thousand and One Nights
Alphabet Arabs Many names seem to use every letter of the alphabet.
Aravi Arabs Hebrew word for arabs
Atta Arabs Taken from the 9/11 terrorist who flew a plane into the World Trade Center, Mohammed Atta
Bee Keepers Arabs Because afghan women are clothed from head to toe, even their faces, and they look like bee keepers.
Beur Arabs Verlan (French slang) for "reube", which is itself verlan for "Arabe". Usually used for children of migrants from Maghreb settled in France in the 60-70's. Not inherently derogatory.
BMO Arabs Muslim Women. Stands for Black Moving Objects - refers to the complete head-to-toe black dress of Muslim women.
Bomb-Builder Arabs Many terrorists nowadays are Arabs.
Boxcutter Arabs September 11th
Cabbie Arabs A large portion of cab drivers seem to be foreigners, mostly of Arab or Indo descent.
Camel Cowboy Arabs They ride camels like cowboys ride horses.
Camel Crunch Arabs From the cereal "Captin Crunch" only the Arabian version
Camel Jockey Arabs From camels being a major form of transportation in the Middle Eastern countries.
Camel-Fucker Arabs Refers to lonely Arab shepherds.
Camel-Jacker Arabs A take off on Camel Jockey and Camel-Humper. This refers to the act of "stimulating" a camel by hand.
Carpet Pilot Arabs Reference to Aladdin and his magic flying carpet. Also: Carpet Jockey
Cave Nigger Arabs Osama Bin Laden reference
Center Denter Arabs Destroying the World Trade Center
Clit-Chopper Arabs Female circumcision
Clit-Swiper Arabs Female circumcision is a common practive in some Arab countries
Dees-Right Arabs Arab people always ask "Is dees right, Is dees right?" (meaning 'is this right?')
Demi-nigger Arabs Somewhat lighter skin tone than Blacks.
Derka Derka Arabs From Team America: World Police.
Diaper-Head Arabs Same idea as Towel-head or Rag-head.
Dirty Knees Arabs In reference to the daily Muslim prayings on their knees
Double D Arabs Desert Darky
Dune Coon Arabs Comes from 'coon' (Blacks) of the 'dunes' (sand dunes) in the Middle East. Also just Dunecoon
Dune Nigger Arabs Same ideas as Doon Coon and Sand Nigger.
Durka-durka Arabs How English-speakers hear their language(s). From the film "Team America: World Police"
Dusty Nuts Arabs It comes from Arabs living in the desert.
Ewok Arabs Refers to Muslim religious headdress resembling that worn by the Star Wars characters, "Ewoks."
Fadi Arabs Common Arab name, plural is Fadii (Fa-Die).
Fez Arabs They wear fezes, the little hats.
Fig Gobbler Arabs They eat figs.
Firecracker (2) Arabs They blow themselves up.
Gimmie Arabs 7-11 workers, "gimmie" a dollar
Glass Nigger Arabs If an atomic weapon were to go off, sand niggers would become glass niggers.
Goat Roper Arabs See Camel Jockeys, etc.
Grenade Arabs They blow themselves up.
Habibi Arabs Translates in Arabic to "Beloved". Technically a term of affection but still sounds funny.
Hodge Arabs From the book lord of the rings, a hodge goblin lived in a cave.
Hucka-lucka Arabs Derived from the sound of them speaking (as heard by a dumb American).
Hurammi Arabs Arabic word for thief.
Iraqi Pete Arabs From the Staurday Night Live character played by Adam Sandler.
Jacker Arabs Many prominent hijackings over the past 25 years were done by various Arab/Islamic fundamentalist groups.
Jawa Arabs Sand people from Star Wars (used to refer to Arabs on South Park)
Jig-Abdul Arabs Mid-East version of 'Jigaboo'
Jihad Arabs A word used by militant Muslims in reference to purging the world of infidels. Translates roughly to "struggle".
Jihadi Arabs Mosslems in India have been branded after Jihad.
Land Torpedo Arabs Car bombers.
Landya Arabs Actually means 'cut cocks' because of the rite of circumcising followed by Muslims.
Lefty Arabs Thieves in the Arab countries get their hand chopped off.
Mocha Arabs Skin color (not quite black).
Moor Arabs For the Muslims that invaded Europe during the Middle Ages. Also used as derogatory against those of ancestry where the Moors settled (Spain, Sicily) - they are "part Moor".
Muhammad Arabs Common name.
Muzzie Arabs A lot of Arabs are Muslims. Muslim, Muzzie.
Naffer Arabs Naf short for North-African
Ocnod Arabs A bastardization of Achnad, a common Arab name.
Oil Baron Arabs Self explanatory
OPEC Arabs The Organization of Petrolium Exporting Countries
Osama Arabs Osama Bin Laden, obviously
P.L.O. Arabs Palestinian Liberation Organization
Pajama Mamma Arabs Arab (and/or Muslim) women wear clothes that resemble pajamas
Papa Ganoush Arabs A play on the arabic food baba ganoush, an eggplant and garlic sauce which is often consumed by arabic people.
Peanut Butter Brother Arabs Not quite White; Not Quite Black. The color of peanut butter.
Pube Face Arabs They have pubes on their chins
Q-Tip Head Arabs Turbans/other headdress
Rab Arabs Rab short for "Arab"
Racoon Arabs Dark around the eyes
Rag-head Arabs Referring to common head dressings of middle easterners.
Roach-Rancher Arabs Their apartments often have roaches, which they are forbidden to kill.
Rock-Chucker Arabs They don't have guns so they throw rocks
Roman Candle Arabs Suicide bomber who's bomb doesn't go off as planned.
Rug Merchant Arabs Obvious
Rug Pilot Arabs Same as Carpet Pilot
Rug-Rider Arabs See: Rug Pilot.
Sand Flea Arabs Parasitic sand dwellers.
Sand Kisser Arabs When kneeling to Mecca, Arabs bend in a position enabling them to kiss the sand.
Sand Monkey Arabs Same as sand nigger.
Sand Moolie Arabs Same idea as Sand Nigger, only with Moolie.
Sand Nigger Arabs Arabs generally live in sandy places.
Sand Rat Arabs Self Explanatory
Sand Scratcher Arabs Demeaning to people living in deserts
Sandies Arabs Specifically Afghani's & Iraqi's. Used by the 82nd Airborne in 2003.
Sandy Arabs Yet another sand reference
Sandy Crockett Arabs Patriotic arab. Play on Davey Crockett.
Shit Hand Arabs Refers to the Arab custom of wiping one's butt with the left hand, rather than toilet paper.
Sleeper Cell Arabs Terrorism-related
Slurpee Arabs Traditional convenience store employee.
Slurpee Nigger Arabs Operation of convenience stores, which sell Slurpees.
Slushee-Slinger Arabs In reference to how many Arabians deal slushees out of their convenience stores.
Snake Charmer Arabs Known to frequently "charm" Cobra snakes.
Snigger (1) Arabs Short for Sand Nigger
Stan Arabs AfghaniSTAN, PakiSTAN, etc.
Sun Goblin Arabs Small, ulgly, vicious creatures of a sunny land
Sunarefa Arabs Used by Russian metal band Korrozia Metalla on the song (title translates to) "Kill The Sunarefa." Sunarefa refers to a Soviet brand of cold medicine. I do not know if Korrozia Metalla (Corrosion of Metal) were the first to use this slang or how it came about, but it seemed very widly understood among Russian youth.
Terrorist Arabs Self explanatory.
Towel-head Arabs Referring to a popular Muslim headdress. Also: Rag-head.
Towlie Arabs Self explanatory
Turco Arabs Used primarily in Spanish-speaking countries, and South America in particular as a derogatory term for people of Arabic descent. It means "Turk," a much-hated nation by other Arabic states, in Spanish.
Tusken Raider Arabs Sand people in Star Wars
Urban Turban Arabs Arab who tries to act black
Zeb Arabs Zeb is the Arabic word for "dick"
Argie Argentinans Self-explanatory
Ararat Armenians Mount Ararat is the tallest peak in Armenia, and it is said that Noah's Ark landed on it during the great flood. Ararat is in "historic" Armenian, but the region currently belongs to Turkey
Arm Pits Armenians False acronym for the Hollywood based street gang called AP, which stands for Armenian Power
Armo Armenians Short for Armenian.
Ian Armenians All their last names end in IAN.
Kabob Armenians Almost every Armenian resteraunt serves kabobs.
Rabiz Armenians Armenian gangsters call themselves "Rabiz"
Stinkian Armenians Odor
Walking Carpet Armenians Most Armenians are hairy
Slot Machine Asian their eyes look like coin slots
California Roll Asian/White Much like the food, a mix of American and Asian. Also Asians, and thus half-Asians are much more prevalent on the west coast than on the East.
Azn Asians Asians that spend too much time online and hence use "l33t", the "hacker" language
Banana Asians An Asian-American who has lost their heritage. Yellow on the outside, white on the inside.
Bananame Asians "Banana" and "anime." Refers to Asians, esp. Filipinos, who are fixated on Japanese pop culture(anime, music, etc.), only date Japanese, try to be Japanese.
Bandwidth Nigger/Whore Asians Represents Asians who, instead of using the Asian video game servers they are assigned, jump to a US server and hog the bandwidth of US users.
Bruce Lee Asians Self explanatory
Bruised Banana Asians A "banana" who acts black.
Buddhahead (1) Asians A lot of Asians are Buddhists.
Bug-Eater Asians Many Asians eat bugs such as Locusts and Grasshoppers.
Bukkakese Asians Reference to the popular Bukkake fetish. (Bukkake + Japanese)
Burnt Rice Asians Darker-skinned Asians.
Can'ardly Asians They can'ardly see, originated in Australia.
Chap Asians Chinese/Japanese mix
Chinaman Asians Self-explanatory.
Ching-Chong Asians Typically used by schoolchildren in a derogatory manner towards Asian people.
Chinina Asians The female version of "chino"
Chink Asians Asian equivalent of "Nigger" for blacks. Two possible origins: the dictionary definition is "A narrow opening or slit", meaning a reference to their eyes. Or could also refer to the sound of someone working on a railroad, which Chinese immigrants helped build in 1800's America. Technically should only refer to Chinese, but used for all Asians.
Chinkerbell Asians Self-Explanatory
Coin Slot Asians Reference to their eyes
Cook Asians Most Asians in non-asian countries are cooks.
Coolie Asians Associated with day laborers.
Data Asians From the move "The Goonies." Data was a stereotypical Asian child prodigy.
Dental Floss Blindfolders Asians Their eyes are so small that you can blindfold them with dental floss.
Dog Eater Asians Common in practice in that part of the world
Dog-Muncher Asians They have been known to eat dogs; as seen on "Faces of Death" Volumes 1-6.
DWO Asians Driving While Oriental. Based on the idea that being Asian and driving is just as dangerous as being intoxicated and driving.
Egghead Asians Asians, especially Koreans, have large heads.
Eggroll Asians Refers to Asian babies who would be wrapped in blankets.
Fingernail Ranchers Asians A lot of Asians own Nail Salons
Fishhead Asians Japan's only true source of food is the sea, so they eat a lot of fish.
Gink Asians Cross between a "gook" and a "chink"
Goldfish Monger Asians A fish monger is a Shakespearean term for pimp, and there are many coi at Chinese restaurants
Gookemon Asians Gook + Pokemon.
Grasshopper Asians Keye Luke's protege (the young Caine) from the TV series, Kung Fu. "Snatch the pebble from my hand, Grasshopper."
Grinder Asians Can't drive manual transmission vehicles
HAB Asians Hot Asian Bitch
Honky/Honkie (2) Asians Asians hailing from Hong Kong.
Ironing Board Asians Ironing boards are flat, same with asian face/body.
Japanigger Asians Describes Asians of unknown origin.
Jaundy Boy Asians Comes from Jaundice (Hepatitis), which turns your skin yellow.
Jin (2) Asians Asian people who try to act Black and use the slang, etc. Jin is the name of a Chinese rapper (link).
Junta Asians known as the ones who spend there time hanging round by the arcades thinking they are all hard
Knees Asians Japanese, chinese, vietnamese, ect. Reference to the suffix "nese."
Lego Asians Shortened from lego man, the tiny yellow toy with missing genetalia.
Lemonhead Asians Skin color.
Little Hiroshima Asians The United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima during WW2. The association with the city and asian people in general has stuck. Refers mainly to Japanese.
Meat Pie Asians "Yellow on the outside, black on the inside."
Miyagi Asians From the movie The Karate Kid
Mushu Asians Probably from Asian kid on Crank Yankers
Ng Asians Pronounced 'Ing' . Ng is a very common Asian surname that is considered goofy and is used derogatorily.
Nikon Asians Popular brand of camera. Asian tourists are known to take a lot of photographs.
Nine Iron Asians Golf club with a dramatic degree of loft, ostensibly resembling stereotypical Asian 'slanted' eyes. As slanted as...
Ninja (1) Asians The idea of ninjas comes from Asia
Nuprin Asians "Little, yellow, different."
Oreo (2) Asians Oreo is bastardized form of Oriental.
Oriental Asians Considered offensive because it typically refers to inanimate objects.
Ornamental Asians From Oriental.
P-1 Asians P-1 is a commonly used abbreviation for traffic collision reports for Party #1, Party #1 is normally the person at fault for a collision.
Pancake Asians Facial characteristics.
Panhead Asians Facial characteristics.
Patty (1) Asians Abundance of rice patties in Asia
Peeled Banana Asians Americanized Asians who try to act like whites.
Pineapple Lump Asians Reference to asian vehicles?
Ping-pang Asians Mimics the way their language sounds to non-Asians.
Pizdaglaz Asians Combination of Russian words "pizda" ("cunt") and "glaz(a)" ("eyes") Pronounced "peezdah-glahz." Self-explanatory.
Plate Tossers Asians They name their kids by throwing plates down the stairs and seeing what sound it makes. (Ching, Chong, Ding)
Pointy-Head Asians J. W. Pepper says it a number of times in "The Man with the Golden Gun" while speaking to some Asians in Bangkok.
Post It Asians Yellow and disposable. In reference to how Japan and China treat their people/army.
Potato Queen Asians Asian women who only date white men. Overweight white business men, on the typical.
Powerpoint Asians Used mainly by Australians. Australian electricity outlets are commonly called power points, they are said to look like a stick figure drawing of an Asian face.
Protractor Asians Eyes, In the shape of a protractor, 180 degrees at bottom, straight line
Pumpkinhead Asians Asians have relatively large and round heads, which resemble Halloween pumkins.
Quarter Jockey Asians Asians that go to arcades and play one game for hours off of a single quarter
Raisin Asians Approximates "Rolling Asian." Refers to an Asian who rolls X-tacy, e.g. at a Rave.
Random Asians The facial characteristics of an Asian face are said to be very similar. For that reason all the new Asians who are around you in e.g the work force, school. are said to be randoms. Meaning they all look the same and are another random face.
Rangoon Asians Chinese Food (Crab Rangoon)
Rasian Asians Term used to describe when an Asian drinks and turns really red.
Rice Ball Asians Used in the Vietnam War to describe the enemy at times.
Rice Burner/Rice Rocket Asians Person who drives an Asian car that has modifications which are supposed to make the car look faster. No gain in performance is achieved. Shortens to Ricer
Rice Cooker Asians Australian equivalent of Rice Burner.
Rice Nigger Asians Similar to sand nigger, but for Asians
Rice-Eater Asians Popular food among Asians.
Rice-Paddy Asians Places where they grow rice in Asia and Japan.
Rice-Picker Asians Because they pick rice. Probably the Asian version of 'Cotton Picker.'
SBH Asians Represents their Straight Black Hair.
Schlitzauge Asians German word, literally "eye like a slit"
Seaweed-Sucker Asians Seafood diet.
Simpson Asians The Simpsons are yellow
Slant Asians Facial description -- referring to the eyes.
Slantey-eye'd Asians Facial description -- referring to the eyes.
Sleepwalker Asians Small eyes appear to be closed, even during the day
Slit Asians Another eye reference.
Slope Asians Facial description, Self-explanatory. Also: Slopehead
Slope Head Asians Their faces are rather slopped
Smack Asians They look like they've been smacked in the forehead, giving a slope and a squint to their eye.
Socket Face Asians Thier eyes are slitted, like the electrical sockets on a wall.
Soy Sauce Asians They love soy sauce
Soyback Asians Refers to Asains always using soy sauce
Squint Asians Facial reference
Sunny Side Up Asians Refers to Asians who believe they are white on the inside and try to fit in with whites, but are really Asian and yellow on the outside. Sunnyside up has a white inside and yellow outside
Tab Asians Trendy Asian Bitch. Self explanatory
Table Face Asians They tend to have flat faces.
Tai-chink Asians Martial arts.
Tape Head Asians Facial characteristics--slanted eyes as if someone pulled back their eyes using Scotch tape around the back of their head.
Taxi Asians Taxis are yellow
Thin-Eyed Asians In Russian "uzko glaziye" means "thin eyed" and is used for referring to all Far East Asians.
Tinty Asians Their eyes are tinted, and can not be seen into, only out of. Also pertaining to Asian woman who sleep with numerous men in one night.
Tiny Asians For their small stature (penis, etc)
Triad Asians The Asian mob based out of Macao is called the Triad.
Twinkie Asians An Asian-American who has lost their heritage. Yellow on the outside, white on the inside.
Two Stroke Asians Eyes look like 2 strokes
UFO Asians Ugly Fucking Oriental.
Uzbek Asians Armenian word for people with slanted eyes.
VC Asians Term used to describe "Viet Cong" during the Vietnam War. Often used now to group all Asians as the enemy or as untrustworthy.
Wang Chung Asians Represents a typical Asian name. From the song where they say "wang chung tonight"
Waverunner Asians Reference to the 2004 tsunami.
Widescreen Asians They see only widscreen vision because their eyes are typically wider than taller.
Wog (1) Asians Abbreviation of either "White-", "Westernised-" or "Worthy-Oriental Gentleman." Originally intended as a term denoting respect. In common use, however, it became a term of abuse/denigration.
Woggle Asians Variation of Wog
Yangmo Asians Generic term representing any Asian group without having to identify country of origin.
Yao Asians Tall asians. Reference to Yao Ming, a professional basketball player of Chinese origin.
Yellow Asians Skin color (as compared to Caucasians).
Yellow Devil Asians Common name used by American servicemen to describe the Japanese. Play on "White Devil"
Yellow Fever Asians Skin color appears yellow
Yellow Monkey Asians Skin Color as well as referring to the Asian race as monkeys, from Vietnam.
Yelvis Asians Yellow Elvis. Asians with pompadours. Plural: Yelvi.
Yigger Asians Yellow nigger.
Yolk Asians Egg yolks are yellow.
Zip (2) Asians When they smile, their teeth look like a zipper. AKA: Zipper, See also: Zipperhead
Zipperhead Asians Coined by US soldiers during Korean War. Also used in the film Full Metal Jacket. MULTIPLE reasons have been submitted:
1) If Asians were shot in the head with high-powered weapons, their heads would split as if you unzipped them
2) Vietnam War slang for "Zero Intelligence Potential" (IE: just kill them, no reason to interrorgate them)
3) Many times the Asians would be run over by military Jeeps, which left tire tracks on them that resembled zippers.
4) Asians tend to part their hair down the middle, leaving a zipper-like strip.
5) I'm not sure if the military used body bags to transfer dead enemy soldiers, but theres a possibly reference to the zipper on said bag.
6) WWII Japanese pilots wore leather helmets with zippers down the middle
Booner Australian Canberra word for bogan. Sometimes shortened too boon.
Abco Australian Aboriginals Aboriginals being alcoholics
Abo Australian Aboriginals Short for Aboriginal, they take offense to it
Bludger Australian Aboriginals A bludger, or more accurately "dole-bludger", in Australian slang is someone who doesnt work and relies on the government for money (doles). It is the sterotype that all the Mediterraneans and Aborigianals of Australia are bludgers.
Boomer Australian Aboriginals They use boomerangs
Boong Australian Aboriginals Origin: "Boonga" is a native word from the Sydney area pre-1788 meaning anus.
Boori Australian Aboriginals Same As Abo, Coon, Boong, Murray, Moorindachi, Pikinini.
Bump Australian Aboriginals Many vehicles in Australia have 'roo bars mounted on the front (to protect the vehicle from collisions with kangaroos). "Bump" is for the sound Aboriganals make when bouncing off the 'roo bar.
Chromer Australian Aboriginals Majority of Aboriginals (Abos) sniff paint from a Coca-cola bottle commonly known as chroming
Cuz Australian Aboriginals Form of "cousin", all Aboriginals consider themselves to be from the same family, hence they refer to each other as "cuz"
Eucalyptus Nigger Australian Aboriginals The eucalyptus is a native plant of Australia.
Fabo Australian Aboriginals Fucking Abos
Fountain Swimmer Australian Aboriginals Homeless aboriginals are often spotted bathing/swimming in public fountains during the summer months.
Gin Australian Aboriginals Represents Aboriginal female - they take offense
Goggles Australian Aboriginals Aboriginals have very large nostrils which resemble a pair of goggles
Goon Ninja Australian Aboriginals A stealthy abo who goes around stealing goon.
Jafa (2) Australian Aboriginals Derives from the joke that all Aboriginals steal red cars. Black on the inside, red on the outside, just like the candy "Jafas"
Jin Australian Aboriginals AboriJINal.
Koona Australian Aboriginals Koona nurks tara. Aborigonal meaning "you bloody cunt" i.e. menstruating. Menstrual blood is used in Abo medicine.
Koorie Australian Aboriginals Aboriginal tribe name. Probably not a slur
Lamington Australian Aboriginals Most of them are dirty, as they dont bathe and therefore develop dandruff, hence the lamington look (a lamington is an Aussie cake - sponge cake with black/brown icing then rolled into dessicated coconut).
Nunga Australian Aboriginals Originally an Aboriginal name for themselves as a people; used by others, however, it is considered derogatory.
Petrol Sniffers Australian Aboriginals In Australia they sniff all the petrol and gas.
Queue Warmer Australian Aboriginals Many Aboriginals are on welfare and spend much time waiting in a dole queue.
Rock Ape Australian Aboriginals The rugged aussie outback is full of rocks, the gins look like apes, hence the connection.
Vegemite Australian Aboriginals Aboriginal skin colour resembles popular Australian sandwich spread
ABC (2) Australians Aboriginals use it to offend white australians, it means "Aboriginal Bum Cleaner"
Banana Bender Australians Austrlian slang term for a person living in the state of Queensland
Caneater Australians Differing origins. 1.) A reference to the amount of canned beer they consume, or 2.) A reference to rural Australians who hail from the area where sugar cane is grown. #2 would require it be spelled cane-eater, if you prefer.
Convict (2) Australians Implies that all Australians are descended from the penal colonies early in Australia's western colonisation.
Crikey (2) Australians Catch phrase of Steve Irwin, a famous Australian animal expert
Dingo Fucker Australians See Roofucker
Drongo Australians A drongo is a very Australian word for an idiot
Foster Australians Australian for piss-poor beer that no self-respecting Aussie would be seen dead drinking.
Gubba Australians Used by Aboriginal people of white Australians. Two theories: some like to think it's a corruption of "governor". Others say it's short for "garbage".
Hoon Australians Australian origin representing an irresponsible person.
Jafa (1) Australians Just Another Fucking Aussie
Kangaroo Australians Self Explanatory.
Kangy Australians Kangaroos (and old queen Molly B II loved kangaroos)
Koala Australians Self-explanatory.
Larrikin Australians Not so much an insult; Comical, roguish individual, prone to rowdy and unruly behaviour, (drunkenness). Coined from an Irish policeman in a Melbourne court, claiming the prisoner was "larkin about". Stereotypical Aussie behaviour.
Oz Australians Shortened form of Aussie
Roo Australians Commonly used due to their extensive supply of the specific animal "kangaroo", used as an offensive term to describe them and the way they walk. Often bouncing around and moving, like kangaroos.
Roofucker Australians Kangaroo-fucker. Australian version of Sheepfucker. Used often on USENET and other internet forums.
Sand Groper Australians Derived from the Sand Groper who lives in the western deserts of Australia.
Shackle Dragger Australians Deported british convicts.
Skip Australians White Australians specifically. From "Skippy the Bush Kangaroo."
Skippy Poofter Australians Comes from ethnic immigrants; skippy meaning kangaroo and poofter is how aussies say someone is gay. So skippy poofter is common insult
Labanc Austrians Reference to the clothing worn by Austrian troops during the Hungarian war for independence .
Schluchtenscheisser Austrians Used by Germans for their beloved Austrian neighbours, stands for someone taking his dumps in canyons (since Austria is very mountainous)
Chefur Balkan Comes from the same roots as "Kaffir", and is used in Slovenia as a derogatory term for anyone originating from one of the former Yugoslav republics.
Belgie Belgians Shortening of word
Sprout Belgians Obscure Monty Python reference; take on "brussel sprouts", hence Belgians.
Waffle Belgians Belgian waffles.
Bingo Bengalis Derogatory, used by Indians and Pakistanis
Akata Black Americans West African (Yoruba) term for African-Americans. Meaning ancestors of slaves or "cotton picker".
Blushing Black Russians Black Russian / Blussian / Blushing
927 Blacks Police Code in Suburban LA for "Suspicious Person"
Abeed Blacks Arabic term that means Black, many Middle Eastern immigrants to the United States use this
Ace Of Spades Blacks Self Explanatory
African Blacks Home continent.
Africoon Blacks Combination of African and Coon.
Afro Blacks Referring to hairstyle
Angus Blacks Angus are a black breed of beef cattle.
Antique Farm Equipment Blacks Slaves being used for labor.
Ape Blacks Self Explanatory.
Apple (2) Blacks Has to do with "hanging from a tree".
Arf Blacks African Rock Fish. Jones Beach (NYC) term for Blacks due to their poor swimming abilities.
Ashy Blacks When their skin gets dry it can tend to look ashy.
Aunt Jemima Blacks After the stereotypically Black trademark picture on "Aunt Jemima" brand breakfast foods.
Baboomba Blacks From the "booming" of their car stereos.
Baboon Blacks Another simian reference
Baluba Blacks Name belonging to a tribe that killed Irish soldiers in Africa.
Banjo Lips Blacks Big lips
BAP Blacks Means "Black American Princess". Arrogant female blacks who flaunt their money around and demand the finest things in life.
BBK Blacks Big Black Cocks. Spelled with a K, as in the Korn song of the same title.
BDN Blacks "Big Dummy Nigger" Comes from the movie "The Green Mile". A white prisoner calls a black prisoner a Big Dummy Nigger.
Bear Blacks Black Educated And Rich
Bebe's Kids Blacks Reference to a stand up comic's famous bit about Bebe's kids that inspired a movie years later.
Beggar Blacks Black people often want "something for nothing."
Bergie Blacks Originally referring to the primarily coloured hobos who live on Table Mountain near Cape Town.
BFI (2) Blacks BFI, the name of a waste disposal company, is on the side of their dumpsters. Stands for Black Family Inside.
Billy Reuben Blacks The pigment that makes feces brown is called "bilirubin"
Bingo-Bongo Blacks Italian wordplay of African names/language
Biscuit Lip Blacks Reference to large lips.
Black Barbie Blacks Refers to a black woman when she wears her hair and makeup to try and look like a white woman.
Black Time Blacks Perceived tendency for Blacks to be late
Blackie Blacks Self-explanatory.
Blacky Chan Blacks Blacks who practice martial arts
Bleck Blacks Sounds like the word "black" said with a South African accent.
Blood Blacks LA-based gang
Blow Blacks Originated from blacks originally living in Africa and using blow guns.
BLT Blacks "Big-Lipped Tryone," or for female version "Big-Lipped Tyreesha." Inspired from the 80's version of Degrassi Jr. High where the black guy wore a shirt with the phrase "BLT," his initials.
Blue Gums Blacks Old myth that if one were bitten by a nigger with blue gums, they would die.
BMW Blacks "Black Mans Wish," referring to BMW automobiles. Also: "Black Man, Working." Used by young Black women seeking a partner who is steadily employed. That such a code term was coined shows that a "BMW" must be something of a rarity.
Bo-Bo Blacks Sounds like a monkeys name or implies stupidty.
Bobblehead Blacks Black women have a tendency to violently shake their heads in heated conversations.
Boffer/Boofer Blacks The Hawaiians or Polynesians call Blacks this name. Same as nigger in the United States.
Bomb Blacks Bombs in cartoons are typically black
Bonky Blacks Name for blacks who act or talk white
Boogat Blacks Comes from the similar idea of calling a black person a "Spook." C. 1940s
Boogie Blacks Referring to "Boogie Woogie" form of jazz? Could come from W. African "Buuker" or "Buckra", meaning "Devil", "Boogie man" or "White Man". Turned around and used against Blacks by Whites.
Boon Blacks Probably a derivation of "Baboon" or the black "Boon Bug" beetle.
Bootlip Blacks During the Industrial boom of the auto industry and OSHA'a requirement of safety precautions, workers were required to wear steel-toed boots. Common steel-toed boots are black in color and have large, bulky toes - referencing the size of black's lips.
Bourbon Blacks Bourbon are brown coloured brown cream filled biscuits. Possibly a variant of eggplant. Bourbon is also a dark alchoholic drink
Boy Blacks Originated during slavery. Used to belittle blacks.
Bozak Blacks Pronounced (bow-zack) southern term for a big black man. "thats one black bozak"
Branch Manager Blacks Monkeys climb trees.
Brillo Pad Blacks Hair reminiscent of a Brillo Pad.
Bro Blacks Contraction of brother, see: Brother.
Brother Blacks Used by blacks in an effort to help unify their race. Also used by non-black races to poke fun at or try to identify with the black race.
Brown Trumpet Blacks Represents Black American jazz musicians.
Brownie Blacks Skin color, like the favorite treat.
Bubb Rubb Blacks Wooooo Wooooo.
Bubba (1) Blacks When referring to prison, the big guy who takes advantage of all the new prisoners is derogatorily called Bubba.
Bubbles Blacks Big Black man from the film Lilo and Stitch
Buck/Buck Nigger Blacks This word has been used since the 17th century to refer to a male Negro - no matter whether slave or not.
Buckwheat Blacks Refers to Buckwheat, a Black character on "The Little Rascals."
Buffalo Soldier Blacks When the U.S. government was clearing the West of Native Americans, they sent many black units to hunt them down. The Indians thought they looked like buffalo.
Bumper Lips Blacks Self-explanatory.
Bun (2) Blacks Big Ugly Nigger.
Buppie Blacks A (young) black upwardly professional person. Like yuppie, but refers to blacks.
Burnt Cracker Blacks Used as a response to Blacks who call Whites crackers.
Burnt Match Blacks Self-explanatory.
Burnt Toast Blacks Skin color can resemble that of a burnt piece of bread.
Burr Head Blacks Hair Texture.
Bush-Boogie Blacks Derived from their jungle origins.
Butter Blacks Alternative to Nigger.
C-15 Blacks From some mythical form where the circle you filled out for "race = black" was column c, number 15.
Caffre Blacks Derogatory term used by South African whites during the apartheid era, now considered an offense and beeped out from the media (like an ordinary curse in USA)
Calpurnia Blacks Black women that are nannies. Comes from the character Calpurnia in the book "To Kill a Mocking Bird."
Camel Lips Blacks Self Explanatory
Canadian Blacks Used as a masked replacement for 'Nigger.'
Candy Man Blacks Named after Sammy Davis Jr.'s famous song, the "Candy Man."
Canigger Blacks Combination of Canadian and Nigger for black Canadians.
Cargo Blacks Slave ship reference.
Carl Winslow Blacks Obese black males. Reference to character from "Family Matters" TV show.
Carlton (Banks) Blacks Black males who behave like whites or talk very proper. "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" reference.
Casabooboo Blacks From 1960s African leader Casavubu.
Cast Iron Blacks The color of cast iron after weathering or "black" pipe - plumber's term for ungalvanized cast/ductile iron.
Chad Blacks Chad is the country next to Niger in Africa
Chain Dragger Blacks Refers to being on a prison chain gang.
Chalky Blacks Heard throughout Ireland, extremely derogatory word for blacks, who have an increasing number in the Irish population.
Chango Blacks Used by Hispanics. Spanish word meaning monkey.
Charcoal Briquette Blacks Used by Tony Soprano from The Sopranos to represent his daughter's half black boyfriend.
Chernozhopyi Blacks Russian term literally translating as 'Black-Assed'. Found here
Cheshire Cat Blacks From Alice In Wonderland. The only way you see them in the dark is if they open their eyes and smile.
Chicago Navajo Blacks Heavy concentration of blacks in Chicago
Chicken Bandit Blacks Refers to one of their favorite foods.
Chiquita Blacks The chiquita bananas have the black woman on the sticker
Choco Blacks Short for chocolate, in reference to skin color.
Chocolate Drop Blacks Chocolate is brown.
Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Blacks A black guy who acts white.
Chombo Blacks Panamanian derogatory jargon.
CHUD Blacks From the monster movie "C.H.U.D.", starring primitive dark creatures that lived in sewers
Clicky Blacks From that African language that all it is is clicks and whistles
Cliff Ape Blacks Black/Simian/Primate eference
Clocker Blacks A street term for lowest level crack dealer.
Clyde Blacks Perhaps comes from the name of the monkey in the Clint Eastwood films
Coal-Miner Blacks A Russian term for blacks, which originated because of their dark skin which looks like it is covered in coal dust. Pronounced "shahktor" in Russian.
Cocoa Blacks From southwestern area of the US, called blacks "cocoa" for very much disrespect. See Cocoa Puff.
Cocoa Puff Blacks Blacks with afros or puffy hair
Cocolo Blacks Dominicans used this term for Blacks because they look like "Coco"nuts and it sounds really African.
Coconut Blacks Blacks, Hispanics, Filipino, Arabs, etc. Mainly used to describe dark-skinned people who are perceived as trying to be "white"...brown on the outside, white on the inside.
Cocoon Blacks It's what you call a black guy that stutters
Cold Drink Blacks In the South, some Blacks refer to all beverages as "Cold Drinks." For example, "I want some cold drink!"
Colin Blacks Black who act white: Colin Powell.
Colonel's Kids Blacks Refers to Colonel Sanders. Blacks are thought to love Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Colored Blacks Skin color. Probably not a very good slur, as it's one of the words of NAACP.
Coltrane Blacks In reference to John Coltrane, the famous Jazz saxophonist. Used in the film "The Royal Tenenbaum's"
Congo Blacks Dark African Americans who act better than White people
Congo Lip Blacks In reference to the ring-shaped objects primitive peoples from the South American jungles insert into their lips.
Conky (2) Blacks Derived from "conk", a lye-straightened hairdo popularized in the 1920s by Cab Calloway.
Conquistador Blacks Refers to the Spanish conquerors who took over areas against the will of the current inhabitants.
Convict (1) Blacks Two-thirds of American inmates are Black.
Cookie (2) Blacks One of the few jobs blacks were allowed to do after enlisting in the U.S. Navy was food preparation. Referenced in "Men of Honor."
Coon Blacks Probably refers to the Portuguese word for slave pens or barracks "baracoons". Could also have meaning as a shortening of "raccoon", as raccoons have a tendency to steal. Possibly from Dr. Carleton Coon, who, in the mid-1960's, theorized that blacks were less evolved than whites.
Coonadian Blacks Black people from Canada
Cooner Blacks Black actor who sells out to get laughs from white people.
Coontang Blacks Whenever a White man fucks a Black woman, he gets some Coontang
Cordon Blacks Derivative of the name of a champagne; Cordon Negro.
Cornbread Blacks It was in the movie "Shaft." Apparently Black people like Corn Bread.
Cornelius Blacks Planet Of The Apes reference.
Cosby Blacks Sitcom named the Cosby's. A family of all blacks.
Cotton Ball Blacks Nappy/frizzy hair esp. the 70's Afro style; bought to pick cotton in the Old South
Cotton-Picker Blacks Originates from pre-Civil War US. Refers to the slaves who picked cotton all day at the plantations.
Craw Blacks Fondness of "CRAW"dads.
Crayola Blacks Black people are colored, as in crayons.
Cream Of Wheat Blacks A famous black person in the world of advertising is the man on the Cream of Wheat box.
Cricket Blacks Color of skin vs. cricket's color (brown/black). Pure blooded Blacks having "large fish eyes, dark brown skin, and long legs like a cricket." Could also refer to Blacks that stay up all night playing loud thumping music, real common in the industrial Midwest.
Crime Blacks The high crime rate among Blacks.
Crimestopper Blacks Refers to an African American woman who has an abortion
Criminal Factory Blacks Refers to pregnant black women, thought to be breeding future criminals.
Crioulo Blacks Brazilian slur for black people
Crispy Blacks Very dark black people are refered to as crispy
Crow Blacks Relatively large black bird. Could also be a reference to "Jim Crow", a popular 19th-century minstrel song that stereotyped African Americans, which later was used as the name of the Jim Crow laws, which enforced racial segregation in the South.
Cubs Blacks Look like cartoon bear cubs.
Cuff Blacks Heard used by white southern Georgia farmers to describe blacks. The origin is that blacks are always being arrested and being hand"cuffed" by the police.
Curb-Biter Blacks Having someone bite the curb and kicking him in the back of the head is a painful way to kill someone. Often, as in the movie American History X, it is used as punishment for insubordinate blacks.
D.F.N. Blacks Dumb Fucking Nigger
DAN Blacks "Dumb Ass Nigger". Used to conceil racially discrimative remarks towards blacks when present.
Darkie Blacks Skin color.
Darkness Blacks Self Explanatory. Often used to describe a crowd of African Americans.
Dawg Blacks Some blacks call other "Dawgs". See: Homie
Defendant Blacks They are known often as this in a court of law
Democrats Blacks A popular political affiliation among African Americans. Also in reference to always wanting stuff for free.
Destro Blacks Destro is the evil Cobra character from G.I. Joe.
Deuce Blacks On the Philadelphia police form, 1=white, 2=black
Ding Dong Blacks Black on the outside, white on the inside. Blacks who act white
Dinge Blacks Used in the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird".
Do-Da Blacks Black people stand by the mail box and ask the mailman, "Do 'da, do 'da welfare check come today?"
Donkey Kong Blacks Donkey Kong was a large ape.
Dootie Blacks Refers to their dootie-brown skin.
Dorito Blacks Blacks have a fondness for Doritos.
Double A Blacks Shorter version of 'African American.'
Double Dip Blacks Used for extra-dark Blacks, appearing as if they were dipped in chocolate twice.
Egglet Blacks Black Children -- "little eggplant."
Eggot Blacks Tagalog word for black (Phillipines)
Eggplant Blacks Slur used mainly by Italians. See: Moolie.
Egoy Blacks Filipino racial slang for Black people
Eight Ball Blacks Color of the eight ball in pool
Elevator Operator Blacks Non-demanding job for education-less/trade-less person.
Eraser Head Blacks Because of their Afros looking like school chalkboard erasers.
Es-obe Blacks Meaning "Apes Obey!" Used by British Colonial masters in Africa commanding the African workers to get to work. The early colonized Africans, not knowing the meaning of the command also cultivated it into their language- using it among themselves to gather themselves to work efficiently.
Extra Crispy Blacks A southern exspression that represents their burnt appearence, as well as their stereotypical love of fried chicken.
Fahim Blacks Arabs use this word meaning charcoal to describe blacks and very dark arabs
Fakey Jamaikey Blacks Blacks who try to act Jamaican, but actually aren't. Mostly used on TV or for musical purposes. For example, Miss Cleo: psychic advisor and tarot card reader.
Fat Albert Blacks Used against overweight African American males in reference to a popular 1980's cartoon created by Bill Cosby (for example, saying "hey hey hey" around a fat black man could be considered offensive by some)
Feargal Blacks Short for Feargal Sharkey (a UK Pop singer from late 70's and 80's) which rhymes with Darkie.
Feb (1) Blacks February is Black history month.
Field Nigger Blacks Field nigger is the term used to label blacks who choose not to identify with popular white society and culture, as opposed to house niggers--blacks who bend over backwards to win or maintain favor with whites while relishing in the fact that they at least reside in the house with the master rather then outside with the majority of blacks.
FILA Blacks Finally I Left Africa, popular clothing brand
Floppy Blacks In Zimbabwe, the blacks are referred to as floppies because of the floppy hats they wear on their heads.
Foedy Blacks Black people are known to drink "40"oz beers
Franklin Blacks The only black kid from the Peanuts series.
Frasier Blacks Term that represents people with big "packages."
FroBro Blacks From Afro hair style and Bro for brother.
Frostbite Blacks when one gets frostbite, their skin becomes dark
Fubu Blacks As in the clothing line F.U.B.U., or known by African Americans as "For Us, By Us."
FUBU (2) Blacks Farmers Used to Buy Us
Future Inmate Blacks Two-thirds of American inmates are Black.
G/Gee Blacks Shortened from Gangster or OG (Original Gangster). Used as a greeting between gang members ("Yo, G, what up?"). Used in a derogatory fashion by members of other races or non-gang members.
Gar Blacks Redneck term. Short for nig-GAR. Could also refer to the Gar, a fish similar to the piranha, found in streams in the Southern US and eating by many Southern Blacks.
Gatorbait Blacks Dark meat of the chicken that was fed to alligators.
GED Blacks The highest level of education many Blacks get to.
Geechee Blacks Specifically a derogatory term referring to the Gullah culture of African ex-slaves on the Atlantic Coast of North Carolina and Virginia.
Ghetto Blacks Many Black people are forced into poor, crowded neighborhoods, like Jews were during the Holocaust. The crowded, poor Jewish neighborhoods were called "Ghettoes." So are the poor, crowded neighborhoods that Blacks are forced into.
Ghetto Hamster Blacks Black Children. A disposable pet.
Ghetto Monkey Blacks Blacks tend to live in ghettos.
Ghost Rider Blacks Blacks who have sex with whites.
Gimpy Blacks It is an often stereotype that most people who collect unemployment are black. And blacks pretend they are injured so they can collect.
Glocky Blacks Always carry Glocks when the go dealing
Golliwog Blacks Refers to an old black caricature doll.
Gor Blacks Rodney Gor (ney-gor)
Gorilla Blacks Another Black-primate reference.
Grapico Blacks It is said that blacks have an affinity for grape soda. Grapico is a popular brand in the South.
Greaser (2) Blacks Refers to the oily nature of a black person's hair.
Gro Blacks From neGRO.
Groid Blacks Short for Negroid.
Gronesha Blacks Black Women. Used at the Battle of Valley Forge to describe the Black women who prepared the cannons.
GTA Blacks Grand Theft Auto games are said to represent the lifestyle of black males.
Guttermonkey Blacks Monkeys that live in the gutter.
Hagwei/Hayquay Blacks Cantonese for "black ghost."
Hakui Blacks Word means 'burnt' in Chinese
Half-Human Blacks Reference to when blacks were counted as half a human for voting purposes.
Hambone Blacks Refers to overweight black men.
Harlem Blacks Harlem's (NY) residents are primarily Black.
Hendrix Blacks Black people who are able to play an electric guitar. Found offensive among certain groups.
High Yellow Blacks Light-skinned black person. Adjective, generally used by blacks in describing blacks with a light complexion
HNIC Blacks Acronym for "Head Nigger In Charge." Used by Morgan Freeman's character in "Lean on Me."
Ho Baas Blacks Words uttered when a gun is pointed at Blacks in old South Africa. "Baas" being Afrikaans for boss.
Ho De Doz Blacks They work in large hotels and "hold the door" to let white folks in
Holy Shit Blacks Black Priests only
Homey/Homie Blacks Synonymous with friend in the black community, used by other races to poke fun at that.
Hoopty Blacks Black people in the United States and Canada use this term to refer to an older, beaten up, junky car.
Hootie Blacks From the pop band of the 1980's Hootie and the Blowfish. The lead singer was black (obviously Hootie). The other members of the band were white (Blowfish).
Horse-Gums Blacks Self-explanatory.
Hotel Blacks Ebonics: "I gave the bitch crabs and the hotel everybody."
Hotnot Blacks Probably derived from Afrikaans "Hottentot", a name for a very traditional Khoisan group generally recognized as among the most primitive on earth.
House Nigger Blacks The slaves called the butlers house niggers, basic Uncle Tom reference.
Hutch Blacks Used by some southern people to refer to black people. May reference the type of cage used to keep small animals.
Huxtable Blacks Taken from the Cosby show. A commentary on rich black people living like whites.
I P's Blacks stands for Indigenous Population
Inky Blacks Referring to the color of skin. Used mainly by darker-skinned Blacks to lighter-skinned Blacks. Also Ink Baby or Inkspot.
J.J. Blacks A goofy black guy, like the guy from Good Times.
Jackamammy Blacks Combination of 'jack rabbit' and 'Aunt Jemima.' People have said that jack rabbits looked like 'lynched' black people.
Jackpot Blacks Cause they always want to hit the jackpot
Jambo Blacks Refers to Blacks from Africa who are considered by other Blacks as unsophisticated. Comes from 'Jambo Kenya' in the Kenya National Anthem
Jar Jar Blacks In Star Wars Episode 1, the computer-generated character Jar Jar Binks was filled with stereotypical black behavior. The actor who did the voice was also Black.
Jellybean Blacks "Everyone hates the black ones."
Jerry Curl Blacks Popular black hairstyle.
Jersey-Dweller Blacks New Jersey = the arm pit of America, this does not mean that African Americans live in Jersey. However, in any city in America, African Americans can be found in the worst parts (or arm pits) of that city. Therefore making them Jersey-dwellers.
Jet Blacks For their "jet black" skin. Also for the black-orienied weekly magazine JET.
Jiffy Pop Blacks Specifically Rastifarians. The traditional Rastafarian hat resembles a popped container of Jiffy Pop popcorn
Jig Blacks Short for Jigaboo.
Jig And A Pig Blacks Black men go for fat white chicks
Jigaboo Blacks Very dark-skinned Black people. Usually used among lighter-skinned African-Americans to refer to ones of very dark complexion. Made popular in the 1975 movie "Cooley High." Often shortened to "Jig."
Jigga Blacks Shortening of Jigaboo used in pop culture today,
Jim Blacks Heard it used by Renko on Hill Street Blues. He called an older black man "Jim" and the guy flipped out and roared, "Who are you callin' Jim?" Most likely comes from the old Black slave character Jim in the book _Tom Sawyer_.
Jim Crow Blacks Used a lot during the Civil War. He was a stereotypical minstrel show character, history described here. Also used to describe segregationist laws in the south, but I recently read about a bus driver who was fired for using the term to describe a black person.
Jr. Mint Blacks White on inside, black on outside.
Juba Blacks The black slave from the movie "Gladiator."
July Ham Blacks July Ham is a Watermelon
June Bug Blacks They come out in great numbers in the summer, and sit in the middle of the road.
Jungle Bunny Blacks Jungle is referred to their jungle origins and bunny is referred to some people saying that jack rabbits looked like 'lynched' black people.
Justin Igger Blacks Ie. "Hey I know that guy, he's Justin Igger"
Kaffer/ir Blacks Afrikaaner word for blacks, very derogatory. Made popular by Lethal Weapon 2.
Kaffir Blacks In apartheit South Africa, it meant much the same as 'nigger' does in the United States.
Kala Blacks Indian word for the color black. Used by Indians as a slur for black people.
KFC Blacks Black people like fried chicken.
Kingfish Blacks From Amos & Andy. Usually in reference to a poor, older black man.
Kirby Blacks Cuban slur for blacks. Kirby is a popular black bean manufacturer amongst cubans.
Kizzy Blacks Kunta Kinte's daughter from the movie Roots.
Knees Grow Blacks Comes from Negro.
Knuckle-Dragger Blacks Often believed that black people have longer arms than other races and therefore their knuckles would drag.
Kobe Blacks The popular black basketball player recently embroiled in a rape trial.
Koku-jin Blacks Japanese term for Blacks or anyone of African descent.
Koolaid Blacks Black people are stereotypically partial to the red Koolaid.
Kooshi Blacks Hebrew word for Africa or a black person
Kunta (Kinte) Blacks From Kunta Kinte in the book/movie "Roots."
Kurombo Blacks Used in Japan; considered very derogatory. Comes from "kuro" (=black color) and "bo" (casual suffix meaning young man).
Kushi Blacks Israelis call black ethiopians kushi and blacks period. Means nigger. Originated from Cush.
Lando Blacks "Lando" is the token Black character in both the original Star Wars Trilogy, and in Clerks: The Animated Series (Which lampoons that aspect of Star Wars)
Latifah Blacks Reference to famous black actor/singer.
Lawn Jockey Blacks Most all Lawn Jockeys are Black, sometimes also known as Porch Monkey. Author Ralph Ellison used the term to describe black people who felt/were treated as if they were speaking on behalf of the black race.
Leprecoon Blacks Combination of Leprechaun and Coon for blacks of Irish descent.
Leroy Blacks A stereotypically black name. Typically used as the name of a character is a racial joke, e.g.
LeRoy Rogers Blacks Black cowboys.
Levar Blacks Educated blacks. Refers to Levar Burton of "Reading Rainbow" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" fame.
Lincoln's Mistake Blacks US President Abraham Lincoln is known to have freed the slaves.
Little (Black) Sambo Blacks As with the Golliwog, originated as a relatively benign though mildly offensive characterization and was adapted by other writers to embody many black stereotypes of the time. Currently embodies stereotypes of docility, laziness, stupidity, and disloyalty.
Liver Lips Blacks Self Explanatory
Liverlips Blacks because it looks like they have liver on thier faces (originates in the southern US)
Lucius Blacks Commonly used on poor black people. During the period prior to the Civil War, many blacks were named after famous Romans (e.g. Lucius, Marcus, Scipio, etc.)
Lugz Blacks Named after the brand of footwear who's ad campaign is targeted towards blacks.
Ma Se Poes Blacks Comes from the general curse used by Afrikaans-speaking South Africans (mainly coloureds in Cape Town), "Jou ma se poes", which means "Your mother's cunt". Not that common anymore
Magila Gorilla Blacks Term for a Huge, Fat, Black man.
Mammy Blacks Similar to Aunt Jemima. Stereotype of black women as nannies to white children, especially overweight black women - see "Gone With The Wind".
Mandingo Blacks In reference to the 1975 blacksploitation movie with the same name.
Mandinka Blacks Reference to the motion picture "Roots": A Mandinka warrior was a 'Big Black Buck'.
Mangro-Monkey Blacks Monkeys live in mangroves.
Maroon Blacks When the slave ships had a troublemaking slave-to-be they would drop him off on a small island or rock in the middle of the ocean thus 'marooning' him.
MARTA Blacks Metro Atlanta Regional Transit Authority. Or as it's sometimes known: Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta.
Mavro/Mav Blacks Greek word for black
Mayate Blacks Hispanics term for 'Nigger.'
McNigga Blacks Reference to McDonald's new line of advertising campaigns marketed towards blacks.
Mechanical Blacks English rhyming slang - Mechanical digger = Nigger
Melanzana Blacks Italian for "eggplant" - very dark black people have a purplish tint to their skin, so does eggplant.
Mellanoid Blacks Dictionary: one having dark pigmentation.
Melon Johnny Blacks Italian slang for Blacks.
Mi Dang Blacks The Vietnamese term for African Americans.
Midnight Blacks Self-explanatory.
Milk Dud Blacks A black person with a shaved head.
Milkman Blacks Black me
Just what the hell is that? I'm not going to read it without cliffs notes. tongue.gif

Also, I'll go along with PBB and his proposed rule. beer.gif
Its the racial slur database.
Shut up you Jr. Mint
leif every neo nazi looking up new things to call his classmates are gonna search and find DS...and we will be nothing but noobs arguing that the Cherry korvette is a great car, and neo nazis.
Shut up hoser.
what ever you say you Sceptic-Yank
QUOTE(leif @ May 30 2006, 11:21 AM) *
what ever you say you Sceptic-Yank

Shut the face, Mountain Monkey!
Mountain Monkey | Norwegians | Danish slur for Norwegians. Frequently used at sporting events.
Bruised Banana! rishi
QUOTE(PBB @ May 30 2006, 09:58 PM) *
Bruised Banana! rishi

skr laugh.gif

The one in the blue in the middle X.gif
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