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Full Version: Volkswagen Thing
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The car pretty much speaks for itself.
It was first produced for the German army as an updated Kubelwagen, it was then later marketed to the public as a recreational vehicle.

Maybe someone can find some high res images of this car. I failed to find any on google.
fiber optic
Try to guess how I voted. biggrin.gif
So I just read these brochure things
"If it rains, don't worry. Water drains out."

I'm with the beetle monger, this car is Ice Cold.
hehe they're just so funky you gotta love 'em. The only thing I don't like about them is that I think Moesha had one. How I remembered that I may never know, but anyway...

Cool. I like it because its a simple vehicle; and how could you not love a a vehicle called "The Thing".
When I was a little kid, one of my neighbors was a multi-millionaire with a private jet and garage that could have been full of supercars and similar desirables. However, during the summer months, his roadbound weapon of choice was a sky blue VW Thing. I got to ride in it several times and it was an absolute blast. Sub-zero for my experiences with them.

Edit: For the record, it was this guy and it is a company jet.
I never thought it was possible, but a cool volkswagen has been found!
Does anyone know what the bulges on the body panels are for?
QUOTE(Windshield @ May 27 2006, 01:08 AM) *
Does anyone know what the bulges on the body panels are for?

Structual reinforcement of the body panels to keep them from bending. Otherwise at speed or offroad, the body panels would shake and make funny noises. Whompawhompawhompawipawipawhoomawhoomawhompawhompa, etc etc...
Was it commissioned by Hitler or was it post Nazi era ?
I'd say post hitler buuuut
Air cooled beetle? Ice cold!
The name itself is Ice Cold.
Anyone have high res?
QUOTE(dukenukem @ May 27 2006, 10:43 AM) *
Was it commissioned by Hitler or was it post Nazi era ?

The Type 181 itself was first released in 1969, but the military vehicle it was based off of was WWII-era (read: built by slave labor for the Third Reich).

The Type 181 itself gets a frozen. Though the WWII car it was based off of is not as cool, and due to the history of VW during WWII, I couldn't give it a good vote. But this is about the Type 181, not its predecessor, so I say frozen.
Froze from it's nose to it's toes! I saw one painted in black & white zebra stripes once. THAT was cool!
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