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Full Version: Lamborghini Miura
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Most things evolve. They change slowly, gradually maturing sometimes in a manner that makes it hard to pinpoint when the old went out and the new came in. That is usually true with art, music and cars. It is not true with the era of the modern supercar however. There is a well defined moment when everything changed, and that moment is the appearance of the Lamborghini Miura.


2 seater club coupé
Sheet steel and light alloy construction
Front and rear dumper hoods
Spare wheel, battery and tool kit in the front can
Headlights partly retractable
Dynamic air intakes drawn from the main section
of the car

In boxed and light weight sheet
Overall length mm. 4360
Overall width mm. 1760
Overall height mm. 1055
Wheelbase mm. 2500
Track (front and rear) mm. 1412

12 cylinders 60° V engine with gearbox and differential built into the same block
Block in aluminum alloy
Power 350 CV DIN at 7000 RPM
Compression ratio: 9.8 : 1
Crankshaft seven main bearings with connecting rods per throw.
Distribution 4 overhead camshafts
Fuel system with 4 triple body Weber carburettors
Two coil ignition system
Forward mounted water radiator with two thermostatically controlled fan
Lamborghini gearbox with 5 speeds plus reverse, all synchronized
Differential self locking
Brakes: twin circuit Girling discs on the 4 wheels
Rack steering.
Suspension independent on the 4 wheels with
telescopic Shock-absorbers
Wheels 7.00x15 Atesia alloy
Tyres: Pirelli HS Cinturato 210 x 15

Maximum speed:
300 Km/h road version
Fuel consumption CUNA 17-19 lt. per 100 Km.
Weight 980 Kg.

Full story of the Miura

The only thing keeping me from giving it a Frozen is at high speeds the car starts to act like a wing and wants to take off. That beautiful body design just doesnt produce any downforce.

That image alone makes it cool.
Aye it wasn't stable at speed, but that makes it cool in a daring swashbuckler way, driving it was risking life and limb. The carburetors on the early models would sometimes have a problem with spitting fuel back out of the intake horns onto the exhaust, thus lighting the car on fire.
It was one of the first mad supercars, so therefore it's frozen!
Its cool because it can kill you.
If you owned one when it came out, you were a fuckin baller.

A death defying baller.

QUOTE(Cyclone @ May 23 2006, 04:37 PM) *
The only thing keeping me from giving it a Frozen is at high speeds the car starts to act like a wing and wants to take off. That beautiful body design just doesnt produce any downforce.

Saftey is not cool
There was a brilliant article in motor trend classic a few months back. I'll have to read it again to remember details, but I was left thinking it was the only lambo ever worth having.

Those carbs make me cry btw.
QUOTE(DakianDelomast @ May 23 2006, 10:35 PM) *
Those carbs make me cry btw.

Can we assume those are tears of joy?
Actually both pain and joy. I pity anyone who had to tune those monsters. But they're so cool...
Coolest Lambo ever...quite possibly the coolest Itallian car looking car ever...

100% Frozen
I'm Italian but also a big fan of Lambo....
This car, personally, is the greatest Italian Supercar of all times! thumbs_up.gif
It's just absolute zero. thumbs_up.gif
Frozen, the Miura is the most beautiful Lamborghini ever.
thumbs_up.gif Awesome
i think it's pretty damn nice, frozen.
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