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Full Version: Subaru SVX
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The Subaru SVX was produced between 1991 up to 1997 when production was cut due to low sales. Only around 14,00 where sold in the US. It was equiped with a 3.3liter Flat6 engine that gave the car 230HP at 5,400 rpm and 228 ft.lbf of torque at 4,400 rpm. Though "powerful", the SVX weighed in at nearly 3600lbs and came only with a 4speed automatic transmission.
Well in America it came with 4 speed autos, you could get them with 6 speed manual in JA PAN though.

They're definately cool though.
They're quirky and bizarre and therefore cool. The kind of car that the unwashed masses would sneeze at but also piques the interest of the gearhead. It helps that they were pretty good, too.
Trivia. The reason why they have the little half windows is because when the car was in development and it had full windows, the back glass would blow open at about 120 mph.

Also I have quoted an SVX owner as saying that you can have the windows all the way down in the rain at 100 mph and be as dry as a bone.
Uncool, because I have trouble saying "cool" for any sporty car that only came with a four-speed auto. Also, Subaru flat sixes aren't as cool as their turbo flat fours.
Uncool because of the auto-box and luxuryness of the interior...Wood panel everywhere! Other than that its a cool car but those just hurt it so badly.
QUOTE(Mitlov @ Feb 24 2006, 11:16 AM) *
Uncool, because I have trouble saying "cool" for any sporty car that only came with a four-speed auto. Also, Subaru flat sixes aren't as cool as their turbo flat fours.

I'm not gonna hold back the cool rating just because the only transmission availabe in the US was an auto. Especially considering the 6-speed was available in other regions. So I give it a solid cool.
It was cool. I would love to have one. Just swap to a manual and your good to go /tacobell
definatley 90's definatley cool.
My buddy used to have one. This car would have been so much better if it had a manual transmission and wasn't so darn heavy.
too heavy
Disgustingly uncool because someone 45 year old Somalian woman in my neighbourhood has one and she couldn't drive if her life wanted her to.
Cool. Auto-x'ed with a friend of mine who has one, it did fairly well.
I see one parked at work. It's a nice car, very clean looking as well. I won't give it a sub-zero due to the fact that Subaru think that Americans only like Autos, but it is cool.
Mr b00st
whoa wait, a six speed?

any more info on that?

i give it cool for it being very forward thinking for the time.
rims in the 2nd pic are good, other than that, its dog ugly. average engine..although fairly rare. uncool
frozen b/c i just rode in one like 2 weeks ago
wonder if they work on the "subaru lego system" would be cool to drop a STI drivetrain in there
Mr b00st
oh come on someone, linkage to a six-speed SVX?!?
I think it's about time Subaru came up with a replacement...
Yeah but with Subaru's Alfa designer, this could turn messy.
Mr b00st
i dont' think there actually were stick shift SVX's.
Mr b00st

no manual.
And the automatic was rubbish. Without an aftermarket cooler, the tranny was almost guaranteed to overheat and require replacement before 100K miles.

But even with the tranny and anemic output of the H6, this car is Cool.
QUOTE(Mr b00st @ Mar 15 2006, 08:44 PM) *

Wikipedia doesn't prove shit.
Mr b00st
yes i know do you want me to post the rest of my sources?

Everything i've found has said 4 speed automatic for ALL markets.
I've found a website that talks about a retrofit of a manual tranny to an SVX, though.

By the way, this is up to 25 "cool" votes--so onto the cool wall?
i saw one of these today, it wasn't too bad...
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