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Full Version: 1992-1993 Allard J2X
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what might have came into being if the car was further developed, with a honda v10 F1 engine.

laguna seca 1993

3.5 liter ford v8...
580 hp, 400 lb ft torque
860 kg

basically, it was made too late in the gtp/group c era to really be developed would have been interesting to see how it would do if it was thought up 2-3 years earlier. it never really got to showcase what it could have done, because the ford engine used for testing was really underpowered. perhaps if comptech took charge of the team then they would've been able to get some interesting results out of the car, because in my opinion the chassis looked promising.

apparently in it's most neutral setting in terms of downforce, it created more than a spice gtp at it's most high downforce setup, which is pretty crazy. also, parker johnstone took turn one at road america flat with this car, as a result of the downforce.

full story, kind of interesting.
That's cool as shit man.
Black RSX
Any race car is awesome, but this one is super cool. Love the styling... (Though I am sure it is all for function).
Very cool.
cool shit

...the red one remionds me of an enzo
the enzo should remind you of this.
Mr b00st
that's not a REAL Allard J2X. It's like 40 years too new and not badass enough.
This is cool as fcuk! If a stealth bomber was a car, this would be it.
It reminds me of that Stealth B7 or B9 or something, it was supposed to be quicker than the Maclaren F1, anyone know what happened to it?
ok who voted uncool
WHo the fuck voted mj uncool?!!!!
QUOTE(Jordan @ Feb 14 2006, 04:11 PM) *
the enzo should remind you of this.

This came out a good 10 years before the Enzo...
imagine if it went to le mans...
this is the most desirable car ive ever seen & at this rate ever will smile.gif sad.gif
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