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Full Version: I need to learn someone help
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Ok so, I bought an electric fan to do the all hailed e-fan conversion for the 240. The only thing is i am a damned fool when it comes to electrical shit. relays, fuses, coils. i am utterly confused.

i have a radiator with a screw in thermostat that i am going to use to tell the fan to go on if thats possible. so can someone tell me a good way to wire somthing like this? its a 12V fan. but i litterally have no idea how to do this... someone like leif or dakian or even clark might now, DZ too? someone shed some light on this for me, and while you're at it, tell me what the fuses, and relays and shit does?
I wouldn't have any idea, I've never retrofitted an electric fan into an older car. I'll be doing this soon, though. I'm horrible with electrical components unless there are some directions with them or a diagram.
normally these fans come with a lead which goes to the ground and battery (do this last) and a sensor which you put into the rad (different makes do it differently...I have seen some where you just stick the probe into the cooling vanes...others you have to drill). when the sensor gets hot enough it trips the switch on the unit and cools your car.

with out knowing which one you bought thats about all I can tell you.
Love me.
For Volvo 240's.
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