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Full Version: VW Golf Harlequin
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stock car (except the wheels)

a mildly modified example

It is believed that there were only 264 Harlequin Golfs built, all of which came from the factory with 2-liter 8-valve engines.

It's a love it or hate it look.

Gallery of the modified car shown previously
i've seen one of these in tacoma before. i thought it was just some guy that finally got all the panels to his golf.
LMFAO! I have seen one around tampa, and I thought it was some emo kid (they do wierd ass shit to thier cars) or a freaky art student (of which tampa runs rampant with)
Seen 1 before too, driven by a girl.

Looks like a junkyard special.
I think they're cool, particularly when done up properly. They represent VW's old spirit in a lot of ways...just sorta different for no reason but still well executed and likable.
No MK3 VW can be cool. End of story.
the waxed up one looks ok, especially against that awsome tagged wall. i love graffiti.
looks like it was built using junkyard body panels. not cool
For some reason, that car reminds me of those big suckers that have like 10 different flavors in them.
People actually bought that shit? It does look like a junkyard special. =I
VW alos made a Beetle and a Polo like this, simply horrible.
Mr b00st
it's a MKIII, ergo not cool.
sick.gif harrowingly 1 of my neighbours down the street has one (true this). freaked.gif
fiber optic
QUOTE(clarkma5 @ Nov 13 2005, 04:11 PM) *
They represent VW's old spirit in a lot of ways...

A fruity paintjob does not make it the people's car.
Dr. Strangelove
This is actually kind of cool.
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