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Full Version: LOL pic...
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Just testing the uh... well, not testing anything really. Just found this funny...

Actually, I am testing out the Rich-Text editor. Love it way better than seeing stupid codes all over the damn place even though I rarely cuostmize my posts anyway... canadian.gif
fiber optic
I think that guy is beyond reflecting light, I think he's emitting.
its a good costume, but he just looks so ridiculous with white dreads. i feel as though i would be tempted to punch him after a few hours if he was at the same haloween party as me.
If he didnt have dreads then his costume wouldnt be complete
yea i know, its just so damn goofy.
You're supposed to be 'cool' on Halloween? Since when?!
QUOTE(RJ @ Nov 11 2005, 06:33 PM) *
You're supposed to be 'cool' on Halloween? Since when?!

me and some friends rocked the entire spectrum of power rangers. i wore pink. yeh, it was a childs-large. pants came above my ankles. we looks like idiots but it was awesome.
I was master shake from ATHF last year. We bought a garbage can (big round one) and we put a whit sheet over it and stapled it underneath, and made the eyes, and used a purple pool noodle thing as the straw. The hands were.. I don't remember. but there was no place for my arms, so I ran around with poor vision throughout our neighborhood. All the parents were like "Look (insert children's name here)! A Giant soda!" and i would yell at them, and they would get all mad. It was sooooo much fun. I hag candy somewhere... i think I had a bag stapled to the hand, but when i got home, there was only a little bit of candy. Damn bastard middle schoolers. Nedless to say, it rocked.
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