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Full Version: Mercedes Benz 190E 2.3-16
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My dad had an old '86 190E which I've posted pics of here once before, but some dumb bitch on her cell ran a light the other night and totalled it when I was turning left, so I've begun my quest to find another, a 16 valver this time.

Production on the original 190E began in way back in 1982, and by '83 MB had produced the 2.3-16. This sported the standard 2.3 liter block by Mercedes, but with a Cosworth-tuned head and twin cams, thus 16 valves. It produced 185 horses, had a 0-60 time of 7.2 seconds, and topped out around 140mph in stock trim. As always the US got the shittier version, with 165hp, but gearing of the Getrag 5 speed was revised to give it a similar 0-60 time, just a lower top speed (around 125mph).

IMO, this car is pretty badass just because it's old, a huge sleeper, and began the sedan horsepower wars. It's also fairly rare. Only 1900 16 valve cars were brought over, and about half of them are 5 speeds. This was also one of the very first cars to use a multilink rear suspension that is so common in cars today, as well as a mechanical and hydrolic locking rear diff. It also had self leveling rear suspension, which helped the car to victory in many a DTM race. It also won the DTM driver's title race in the mid eighties (can't remember the year).

Cool car since its from the era when mercs were making proper cars plus this one has added cossie goodness thumbs_up.gif
Frozen! thumbs_up.gif

Mercedes 190 is a real Mercedes, sturdy, powerful and reliable.
cool because it was a rally homoliation special...uncool because it never got a chace to race (Audi Quattro made it obsolite)
Mercedes Benz 190E AMG puts the ice in nice
Black RSX
I want this version of it!!!

this has been one of my favorite cars for a few years now. its the only car i owned is Sega GT 2002... the MB 190 EVO. totally cool car.
best looking mercedes ever! like the box-design with all its edges!
For me a cool car needs an element of stealth to it, which this car does. But the Enzo for example is never going to be cool because it make you look like your showing off, and ferrari didnt help this with the way they sold it.
QUOTE(Black RSX @ Nov 8 2005, 06:41 PM) *
I want this version of it!!!


DAMN STRAIGHT. The Evo IIs were some bad ass motherfuckers. I'd take one of those over anything, just about.
Frozen. Most old-school Mercs are cool, the fact that it's fast without shouting about it makes it frozen.
a car that weighs over 3000lbs and has 185hp is a sleeper? i give it a cool, as far as mercedes' go
It's a cool Mercedes. It's got the homologation special coolness, and it's from the era of solid Mercs. It's also got Cosworth goodies, but Cosworth without boost? No, it doesent reach all the way up...
Split like something something something something girl on prom night.
Still split? Someone throw in a vote for Frozen so we can lay this one to rest where it belongs.
what a toughie. i suppose its technically a cool at this point? (as saddening as that is)
Nope 18-18 now. Damn, this one is close. eek.gif
oh! frozen has overthrown cool! at last!
It's cool, but I stand with Black RSX and Avalon, the EvoII is mad! I think there were 2 in that French film 'Taxi', or it may have been 'Taxi 2'
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