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Full Version: October Exercise 1 RESULTS
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There was a good turnup of entries but not enough voters....but still a result has come up laugh.gif .

Heres the Original Image of the poor car :


And these were the entries for this exercise with their corresponding editors :

Chop 1 [blaydexi - FG]

Chop 2 [ATsucks - FG]

Chop 3 [YF19pilot - FG]

Chop 4 [Mischief007 - FG]

Chop 5 [TrueSlideXL - DS]

Chop 6 [s3r4x - FG]

Chop 7 [raheel_qamar - FG]

Chop 8 [hansvonaxion - FG]

Chop 9 [tranceshakeel - FG]

Chop 10 [A32 - DS]

Now for the results :

In 3rd position, with 8 points is blaydexi (FG)

In 2nd position, with 13 points is s3r4x (FG)

And the winner, with 20 points is once again ATsucks....

Congradulations to all the contestants and hope they will do better next time....

The Results Table : Download
First: 1

I like how the rims and front fender were changed, very well integrated with the car, and I like the subtle detail of the amber reflector. Although I would dial down the head and fog lights, a little too bright and blurry. The CF hood is very well done, but the under car neon lighting looks bad. It looks more like a red shadow than neon tubes lighting the floor.

Overall a very well done and clean design, it's subtle yet come across very strong.

Second: 6

I couldnt decide between my first and second choices, but although I'm not keen on the color choice, I think the front fender was well done.The left headlight shadow on the front fender isn't replicated on the right which gives away some of the illusion. The rear rim looks a little flat, but I like the detail of the front tire showing through the side vent, although the tire highlight shoud have been white rather than purple.

Third: 5

Maybe its because I like this car in white, but although not much was done to this car, I like the overal idea. The Mercedes big rims, though I don't like and the rear looks flat and thin, really add to the theme that I think the designer was going for. The red Holden emblem is a nice touch... it looks very Honda R-type ish, along with the fake xenon headlights.

1st Position: Chop 6: Clean lines.  Nice two-tone job.
2nd Position: Chop 1: Clean, nice paint job.  Cleanly done.
3rd Position: Chop 3: Great hatchback conversion.

If u post these comments dont write the stuff in the brackets !

Chop 2 - because it looks Perfect, nice vents, vinyl looks cool and the back view looks very nice too, an overall perfect chop.

Chop 6 - Bumper looks cool with the car, the colour is cool, nice job on the sides.

Chop 5 - Third position was really a chop 1 and chop5 but overall chop 5 pulled my attention more because it gives an executive look to the already brutal Monaro, sort of like gangsta rapper in a white suit !

votes as follows:

1st: chop 2
2nd: chop 6
3rd: chop 5

chop 2: great work on the paintjob. lots of effort.

chop 6: good blending of bodykit. not so sure about  the 2-tone paint, but good effort.

chop 5: close call with chop3. intersting choice of rims, work quite well.

1st place = chop 2 (atsucks's biggrin.gif ... it must be)
2nd place = chop 5 (was my favorite on style but the chop 2 was so much better technically so i had to put it first)
3rd place = chop 10

QUOTE("A32 - DS")
1st:  chop 2
You can tell that a lot of time was put into it. They even went to the trouble of make a matching rear view.  There are lots of little details like the V8 badge on the grill.  The only bad thing i have to say about this chop is the defusers on the front bumper.  They don't look real at all. 

2nd: chop 3
The extended rear window give the car a totally new look to it.  Overall it is a very clean looking chop.  They could have done a little more work to it...  at least some wheels.

3rd: chop 1
I like the new front bumper on it. I liked the fact that you actually used different wheel for the front and the back.  I really don't like it when you can tell that they are the same wheel.  The lense flares were a bad idea.  They make chops look very "noob".  I'd use the blur tool around the under car neons.

1st = Chop 6
Some professionalism seen, I liked the styling of the color...

2nd = Chop 2
Same as chop 2 but liked chop 6 more...A lot of hard work and accuracy seen.

3rd = Chop 9
My Guess was that there was some brushing involved. the bumper would have looked better with a grill though.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? A32's chop wasnt in the 3rd overall or better??! he shouldve gotten 2nd place after ATSucks's chop.
Not much was done to my chop, incorrect. Overlay it over the original, I just prefer subtle LOOKING mods for this chop. I must say though, the results were suprising. a32 should have been up there, wouldn't want to be caught dead driving the others'. laugh.gif Nice one guys, I will get you back.
White RSX
Trueslide/A32 > original > all the others.
A32 should'a won. blaydexi's looks like its having a period
DS overrules the findings in the poll and A32 is declared the official DieselStation winner.
WAIT a min. when i checked for the pics A32 pic wasn't posted i swear to god.

and isn't it againest the rules to but anything on your chop that says which forum you are from ? like the 3 rd place winner on the car logo FG ?
raheel_qamar's hotmail account didn't get my email. So i had to resend it later. That's why it wasn't there at first.

I was surprised by the winner's circle. Your comments made me really happy. Thanks guys! wub.gif That means a lot.

More people should have voted.
Rock the vote %$#! FG it's on!!!!11#!
You're second trueslide.
Hey all...We had discussed the matter of voting in FG about a week ago... People tend to vote hastily for what they like rahter than quality and effort+time spent on it.

What I would like to request is that more people try to participate and more importantly vote for the exercises.
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