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Forever the butt of the joke, the Porsche 924 had a very unglamourous start as a VW. At the last minute though the plan was canceled and Porsche bought the design. It was released in 1976 with a 2 liter VW engine with 125 hp. The brakes were front disk and rear drum and the car was made mostly from a VW parts bin, but don't rule it out yet.

The design was slowly adapts to be more Porsche with all wheel disks, 5 speed transmission and lets not forget the turbo model that came out. It was argued that there was no other Porsche that you could go faster in for less money, in fact the turbo began to step on the 911 toes so much so a homologation special was made named the "Carrera GT".

The 210 hp and the turbo motor made the Carrera GT an excellent track weapon and in fact it was taken a step further.

The Carrera GTS and GTR were the ultimate front engined Porsches of their time. The GTS was rated at 250 hp and the GTR had a staggering 375 hp. A poor man's Porsche? Not always.
nah...thats not a porsche!
The 924 and 924 Turbo were...slow, riddled with problems, and represented the bottom end of the Porsche line-up. The 924S, however, was quick for its day and offered good value...and the Carrera GT/GTS/GTR are some of the best Porsches ever made.

God it's so difficult. Cool or Uncool would both work here, but I have to consider this car's forward thinking in 1976...a rear mounted transaxle was brilliant no matter who made it, and a front-mounted water cooled inline-4 was a brave step for Porsche. So, cool I 'spose.
When I was looking for 924 pictures I kept getting images of that Carrera GT. I kept saying "WTF I'm looking for a 924 not a 944!"
Yeah, the Carrera GT was technically a 924 but it used all the new 944 bodywork. It was basically what introed the 944, in a way.
the track 550 Maranello looks a lot like the GTR. i never liked the 924 because you always see them in trashy peoples yards covered in leaves and moss, flat tires, rusted window ledges, and they're always parked ass to the street displaying PORSCHE boldy. But the GTS/R make up for that. I'd never even heard of the GTS/R before. I knew of the Carrera GT, but i didnt know anything about it.
it's like a Cayenne... doesn't deserve the badge
QUOTE(Renesis @ Sep 24 2005, 11:21 AM)
it's like a Cayenne... doesn't deserve the badge

how do you figure?
Black RSX
They get the award for "Most Improved Player". I will give it a Cool... cause it in the end did come out with some very good versions of it...
Ice cold, how can i not love a car that my car was derived from?!
Umm My dad used to have one he brought cheap beacuse it had a big dent in offside wing and it was chocolate brown, it looked good it was just a shame about the engine. And the clutch kinda siezed up so it was not going to go anywhere and when we moved house we left in the garage as a suprize to the new owners.

I want to get another one but drop a vr6 under the hood. I perfer the slender body of the 924 to the 944 purposful wideness.

Google lead me to this shooting brake version, looks a cool a bit like the Reliant Scimitar.
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