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Full Version: Jaguar XK8 & XKR
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A shape that has been around since 1996, the XK8 and later the XKR were fantastic looking shapes. The coupe especially has a delicate flowing line that moves down its body that was only upset by its often laughably sized wheels. The XK8 first came out with 290 hp and when the Supercharged XKR came out power was bumped to 370 hp. Sadly Jaguar only ever offered their strange J gate automatics in this car. But now that the old jag is out with a newer lighter and better one to replace it, is this one at all cool?
They were/are delicious looking cars...and although it's a tad snooty, it's a rather classical choice...not ostentatious like a mercedes or BMW. The fact that its interior isn't the most coddling place in the world means that its owners have a certain level of dedication. So, I guess it's cool.
it's cool... uncool people bought BMW's
Black RSX
My mom always wanted one... she got a BMW instead though... So Renesis are you saying my mom is uncool???
I prefer my cars to not look like catfish. Uncool
Westwood Hoover
I don't like cars of british very much.and I don't think this XKR is very cool.I prefer Porsche
Even the XK120 will be better than this.but i admit that the E type of Jaguar is a fast and fascinating car,indeed.... cool.gif
Best looking jags in a looooong while. Cool.
I love the shape and the style, and the interior is amazing (my dad's friend used to have one, sold it a few years ago for a 996 Carrera 4 Cabriolet, a very nice car also), 'cept you couldn't get it with a's much more touring oriented than sports oriented.
QUOTE(Black RSX @ Sep 27 2005, 12:36 PM) *
My mom always wanted one... she got a BMW instead though... So Renesis are you saying my mom is uncool???

I think your mom is hot and I want to bang her nether regions to oblivion.
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