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Full Version: Bugatti 57SC Atlantique(Atlantic)
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"One of the most bizarre of cars is the Type 57SC Atlantic. Ettore's son, Jean Bugatti, who played a large role in the development of the Type 57 series, personally styled the Atlantic. Jean's lines draw an interesting mix of aircraft styling together with the avant-garde tear-drop that is so reminiscent of the thirties. Design highlights include a heavily raked windscreen, riveted fins, and oval doors with kidney-shaped side windows.

Momentum behind the style was structured by a design concept of incorporating magnesium. Though it is strong, and one third the weight of aluminum, it is also highly flammable thus welding was not possible. This meant that each panel had to be riveted into place which posed a particular problem for traditional design. Therefore, Jean incorporated the rivet's aesthetic into the wings of the car and created a telling combination of function and form.

The engineering on the Atlantics was similar to the other production Type 57s. Chassis arrangements included Rudge Witworth wire wheels, fifteen inch drum brakes and a strong, uncluttered chassis. As with most Bugattis, the Type 57 was of complicated craftsmanship, but the result of relatively simple design. The Type 57SC chassis combined the supercharged 57C engine with the low and short 57S chassis used for racing. "

this car is one of my favorites. it was built and sold in the Late 30's in very very limited numbers and it looks absolutely fantastic!!! drool3.gif
if ANYONE cares about the performance:
its got a supercharged 3.3L inline-8 that makes 210 hp. it hit 60mph in 10 seconds and the top speed was 110mph. but really who gives a fuck?
well it is my favorite list biggrin.gif
performance figures are almost identical to my car... laugh.gif
QUOTE(moe89 @ Sep 10 2005, 08:59 AM)
its got a supercharged 3.3L inline V8 that makes 210 hp.

isn't there something wrong here?
^ explain
inline V8
Yeah so ?

Inline 8

Inline and V are diametrically opposed. You cannot have an engine that is inline AND V. It is impossible.
canadian.gif it was a mistake, i meant inline-8. i fixed it
That car would get looks where ever it goes. Its frozen.
Black RSX
It is just cool to me... Not on my frozen list.
I used to have a hotwheels version of this. That car was sweet! biggrin.gif
White RSX
It has three rows of 2.667 cylinders, thus, Inline V8
^ seriously?
yes we all know that i am retarded...
White RSX
it looks like this \|/
QUOTE(White RSX @ Sep 13 2005, 09:33 PM)
it looks like this \|/

More like this (_(_)
White RSX
just cool for me too.
Well, it's very special for sure. Got a frozen from me anyway. Looks cool.
( . Y . )

i had to do it...
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