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Full Version: What handheld should I get?
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I've looked at Dells Axim and Compaq's IPAQ and I'm not really sure which one to get. I want one that will give me the ability to store a gig of mp3s on a CF card and also have the ability to hold a second battery.

The Axims seem a lot cheaper, but the ipaq have more internal ram and larger screens head.gif
My friend's got an iPaq; I've used it a little bit and I've really grown to like its screen (bright and with vivid colors). It's also pretty versatile; he uses it to record GPS data with a custom program he wrote and installed on it. I think that's pretty cool...and that's where my knowledge on pocket PCs and PDAs just kinda falls by the wayside.
I currently have had and have used religiously an ipaq 3635 but after 3 years of daily use it is starting to crap out so I NEED a replacement
Damn, you have the kinda money laying around for a 1gb cf card? heh
well I have a 1 microdrive but it's too slow and drains too much battery power for my liking so I just bought a 1 gig CF card from newegg
Yea, Microdrives are battery hogs.
Solidstate memory > *
I can't wait till they start developing solidstate hard drives. Imagine DDR pushing about 5gb/second! And no noise, hardly any head and low power consumption and the size of the drive could be pretty small too!
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