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Full Version: BMW F1 Commercial
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Here's the link. The only problem is that it will only be on for today if anyone can figure out how to get it off the site that'd be awesome. I looked for it online to no success.

Enjoy! biggrin.gif

There we go.
takes a little digging through its source (in firefox: View -> PageSource)

i think this is it, though:
Psst, I did the same thing. wink.gif
wtf is that commercial, it's so repetitive..
QUOTE(idiot @ Apr 23 2005, 09:37 PM)
wtf is that commercial, it's so repetitive..

You obviously have no taste in fine commercials.
QUOTE(Pking688 @ Apr 24 2005, 05:29 AM)
You obviously have no taste in fine commercials.

seriously, they play the same clip over and over in most parts

i got bored after 3/4 of the thing and didn't even bother to watch the end
Are you done? Sure, it is repetitive, but it isn't long enough to make you crazy.
wow, i love the editing in that video.

very awesome commercial.
Wow that commercial almost makes me want to watch F1, if only it was better quality.
all i had to do was right click the clip and select save as...
thought it was great.
did find it funny that theres a quick shot of the pedals with the drivers foot on a clutch pedal. F1 cars dont have clutch pedals anymore.
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