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B. Engineering -

On January 1st 2001 in Modena the first car of the 21st century was unveiled. Significantly, 21 units will be produced. As this work is committed to paying homage to creativity whether technical or aesthetic, each car will bear the name of a famous inventor or artist from each century.

This car is the work of a team of engineers who have left their work on the history of GT and racing cars . Through this emblematic creation we wish to express and share with all enthusiasts our personal vision of the car. Furthermore, this is to be done within a context of great creative freedom made possible by the absence of commercial constraints.

This achievement seeks to affirm that the car must remain a thing of creative passion, as well as an extraordinary human adventure.

Its design is to be an invitation to pleasure-kind that gives the car its truly magic dimension, where aesthetic expression and technical emotion blend and mingle to fulfill a dream.

How better to define the spirit, foundation and content of this project than by its name Edonis (from the Greek word meaning pleasure).

Technical Partners

The car is a great means of expression, responding to the enticing call of technical advance. But in this field, each new creation gains meaning only to the extent that it allows the car to move further ahead in

its technical and aesthetic quest. Because innovation today necessarily requires reference to the huge body of knowledge of state-of-the-art technology, B.Engineering has opted to collaborate with leading companies. In fact, only the most advanced technology can respond adequately to this level of technical sophistication, as well as to the need for active and passive safety required by the performance level of such a car. The chassis, made entirely of carbon fibre, has been designed in collaboration with the Aérospatiale Matra Group (EADS-AIRBUS) who has taken on its construction.

All test development and prototype tuning will be carried out together with Michelin, who will fit the car with its special Pax System tecnology tires. These will allow the car, in the event of puncture, to keep going for over 200 km.

Modena craftsmanship: a unique network of expertise

The state-of-the-art skills of these craftsmen in the manufacture of GT vehicles, as well as in F1 racing are the result of a tradition in prestige and an indisputed mastery in design and technology attributes which are a part of the living heritage of Modena. It is also a statement of their passion for car, the product of an outstanding environment which promotes the spirit of competition. In fact, these local GT manufacturers manage to produce as many prestige cars as all of their competitors put together.

B.Engineering is committed to paying homage to the creativity of the Modena craftsmen- the body builders, designers, foundry workers, upholsterers- to their superb technical mastery and their artistic flair, and will therefore involve them closely in the Edonis project.

The body of the car is to be entirely hand-made according to techniques unique to the master craftsmen of Modena.

Castings, as well as the manufacturing of the 12 cylinder engine and its transmission, especially developed by B.Engineering for this project, is to be carried out in local work-shops by the same specialist companies. Assembly of the power train, transmission and of the car itself will be carried out by B.Engineering.

Engine Type: Twin-Turbo V12
Displacement: 3760 cc
Horsepower: 680 hp @ 8000 rpm
Torque: 543 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm

I loved this car back around 3-5 years ago, and forgot all about it for a while tard.gif , and i rediscovered it. To see some better quality pictures(which i couldn't upload) go to, and scroll down 3/4 of way down
Sexy piece of hot, sexy, steaming sex. I love this car.
White RSX
They nailed it.
QUOTE(White RSX @ Apr 21 2005, 06:47 PM)
They nailed it.

that is a REALLY GLORIOUSLY small V12. Wow. this car is great to look at.

for some reason, i am really attracted to the busyness of the back of that car.. oh, and its staggering specs smile.gif
QUOTE(z0ne @ Apr 21 2005, 07:01 PM)

for some reason, i am really attracted to the busyness of the back of that car.. oh, and its staggering specs smile.gif

the back end of it for some reason reminds me of the old Clio Sport. tard.gif
who voted uncool?? there are 13 extremely cool's and 1 uncool tongue.gif
i dont like it much, the hatch is too fat! but nice color in the second pic! but its cool, it has enough power! thumbs_up.gif
cmon, the shape is absolutely perfect. i was actually expecting it to be AWD.
Uncool because it's hideous and made with leftovers from other car.
I've never seen that car before. That's why I got so excited and voted 'Extremely Cool'.
shouldn't this be on the wall already? its got over 20 extremely cool votes
This car is pure uncool becuase it is simply hideous and has a really stupid name.
It's funny how you never posted a pic of the front of the car, just goes to show how ugly this car is
just check that website there is a pic labeled "edonis" and some silly person put it in the "cars uglier than the Aztek" thread in the Car Garage
What a sad aberration of the immensely talented EB110. Edonis will surely end up in eternal fire for this tongue_crossed-eyes.gif
QUOTE(Renningrad @ Apr 24 2005, 07:42 PM)
It's funny how you never posted a pic of the front of the car, just goes to show how ugly this car is

Exactly. I never would've voted 'Extremely Cool' if I'd seen the front.
This car is a butterface...
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