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Full Version: Merkur XR4ti
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In 1985, Ford of Europe began importing the Merkur XR4ti into the U.S. The Merkur is actually a German Ford Sierra XR4i, modified for the American market. The Sierra is Ford of Europe's intermediate, sized between the Escort and the Granada. In Germany, it competes with the small BMW and Mercedes models.

The XR4ti is the top-line sporty model, as you might suspect from its biplane rear spoiler and add-ons. In Germany it comes with a 150- hp, 2.8-liter V6 and will top 130 mph. For the American market, Ford takes the basic Sierra off the Ghent, Belgium, assembly line and then the Karmann works in Germany makes over 700 minor changes and installs the same 175-hp Brazilian-built 2.3 liter, turbocharged Four that's in the Turbo Thunderbird. According to Ford's engineers, the turbocharged, fuel- injected, computer controlled Turbo 2.3 actually outperforms the European V6 right up to 130 mph. The Merkur's engine is not something you'd want to work on yourself, but it is less exotic than the engine in something like a Mercedes or BMW.

A lot of fun can be had with a traditional front-engine/rear-drive chassis if it's well designed. The XR4ti's platform is. Excellent balance, minimal roll, sharp steering and plenty of grip from the Pirelli P6 tires make this a fun road car.

German designers are famous for attention to ergonomics, and the Merkur is an excellent example of typical German quality. The highly adjustable bucket seats provide lots of lumbar and side support, sumptuous leather, like a well-made German executive office chair.

The Merkur XR4ti was only imported between 1985 and 1989

Frozen. I really like this car and I have seen it's potential. Also rare which is what I like. thumbs_up.gif
yeah, they are pretty cool, i have seen a few rotting around town, i almost thought about buying one one time
I've always wondered about this...thing. I really have no idea what I'd give it.
Merkur = No
Ford Sierra Cosworth = YES#$%#!
QUOTE(PandaBeat @ Apr 21 2005, 10:54 AM)
Merkur = No
Ford Sierra Cosworth = YES#$%#!

exactly, it is the poor man's Sierra Cosworth
i just remember that one episode of the simpsons where Principal Skinner offers to drive someone somewhere(you wanna take my Mer-Kure, (he pronounced it like that)) cool just for that thumbs_up.gif
QUOTE(Jekyll_2005 @ Apr 21 2005, 07:34 PM)
QUOTE(PandaBeat @ Apr 21 2005, 10:54 AM)
Merkur = No
Ford Sierra Cosworth = YES#$%#!

exactly, it is the poor man's Sierra Cosworth

The closest that we got though.
A Sierra can NEVER be cool. Carpet-pee uncool.
no clue what the this is car is all about but i dont even like the way it looks
A Sierra Cosworth sedan . The ultimate sleeper .
QUOTE(McKhaos @ Apr 22 2005, 06:45 AM)
A Sierra Cosworth sedan . The ultimate sleeper .

no doubt
that's mad max's car! w00t. or is it...? huh.gif
You guys are crazy. First car I like that's going down in flames in this section sad.gif
fiber optic
A guy I knew in high school had one. It was pretty quick.
QUOTE(BankieVR6 @ Apr 22 2005, 07:08 PM)
that's mad max's car! w00t. or is it...? huh.gif

i think Mad Max had an australian Ford Falcon

and this car is frozen. ALL 2.3T's are awesome.
One of the last great rally right wheel drivers. Frozen.
So, this is the poor mans Cosworth, and that's the problem. The RS Cosworth and the RS500 Cosworth are easily übercool, but this one just doesn't do it. We used to have a Sierra XR 4x4 before the Scorpio, and it was a good car in it's own right so I'll let it have the benefit of the doubt and give i "cool"...
The Cosworth is cool, but I don't think this one is.
QUOTE(BankieVR6 @ Apr 22 2005, 07:08 PM) *
that's mad max's car! w00t. or is it...? huh.gif

1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe
gasgas rider
hey i have a 86 merkur xr4ti and my spyder gears striped out. do you know where i could get the rear diff or the gears

i just sighed for on this site and not sue how to use it. i dont know how to make a post

if you could email me that would be great and if you could put merkur or xr4ti in the subject
I like this car. i gave it a frozen. Used to see a lot of those in Romania. they're actually nice
There's a whole lot of ugly going on there. I'd only give the Cosworth version a cool.
Anyone notice the super bump?
QUOTE(DakianDelomast @ Apr 23 2006, 03:15 PM) *
I'm so fucking sick of this.

Bumps *smack* are *smack* fine *smack* in *smack* the *smack* cool *smack* wall.

I miss Dakian.
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