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Full Version: Drifting 101-Bimmer style
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That takes some balls to pull this off
QUOTE(sTTUna @ Apr 17 2005, 01:38 PM)
That takes some balls to pull this off

holy shit, thats absolutely ridiculous.
thats not balls ... thats crystal meth melting your brain cells :freak:

i would have purposely clipped his car if i were the truck driver...
What a fucking idiot. He's just gonna end up killing him self and other people.
very old this video....
its only cool if he does it on a race track or somewhere with nobody around, but this? fucking idiot thumbs_down.gif
don't know but it needed nervers , even if he is a pure idiot.
Wow. Like something I'd do....
Good driving, but definitely not the right place to be doing it knife.gif
Wow he should have died. Why didn't he die?
Wow. That is some crazy shit. woot.gif
The cameraman needs to SHUT UP.
Too bad he didn't touched that truck...
QUOTE(DakianDelomast @ Apr 17 2005, 09:35 PM)
The cameraman needs to SHUT UP.

i know!!

if its in english, then i heard: "ahh!! see him *something something* ... *screams like a pussy*"

but, most likely, its in a diff language.. i didnt get a good look at the license plates..

and yea, wot macadams said, this is old... but, still good.. i do give the guy credit to successfully(meaning not crashing and hurting himself/other ppl) pull something like this off.. eventhough, it was 100% stupid to do it on a fucken exit/entrance ramp like that in traffic
What a baller. That guy can flippin drive. You know he's done it before in a situation that he isn't going to wreck, and he could see what was comming so, to each their own. (I will retract this post if he dies anytime soon lol)
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