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Full Version: sunday drive (april 10)
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i was in the car and i wish i could have taken better ones but the aston got on the highway right after and the porsche took off pretty quick

aston martin SUPER SUPER rare around here(brampton)
am i being a elitist in saying a 911 Turbo, carrera, boxter S arent exactly a rare sighting ?

edit: i saw a dark blue Diablo SV today morning. Yes it was my first Diablo sighting EVER.
porsches are a dime a dozen compared to astons
I've seen that DB7 before, the rims on it are simply atrocious.
i saw a detomaso pantera recently, that was my first pantera sighting
and maybe a 911 is rare in Brampton(where ever the hell that is) tongue.gif
i never said 911's are rare...i said the aston is super rare....didnt even mention the porsche
i know, i think that Duke was pointing out that there are a lot of 911's being posted as car sightings
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