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Full Version: March Exercise #2 RESULTS
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First of all, I want to thank all of the participants, from Dieselstation and FinalGear.

Secondly, I want to remember you that the voting guidelines can be found in the rules topic which is here and don't forget that you can't vote for your own chop!

The original;

So here are the entries for this month!

Chop #1

Chop #2

Chop #3

Chop #4

Chop #5

Chop #6

Chop #7

Chop #8

Chop #9

Chop #10

Chop #11

Chop #12

Chop #13

Chop #14

Chop #15

Chop #16

This thread will open once results are in, for discussion, comments etc.

Voting ends at the end of the month!
So the results are finally there! Congratulations and thanks to everyone, voters and participants, I hope we'll see you in big numbers for the next contest!

Please note that the next contest will start as soon as the winner gives me the next photo to chop


In 3rd Position with 9 points, ZeroSignal!

In 2nd Position, with 14 points, Hanastand!

And in 1st position, with 25 points, Boxster17!

For detailed results, please refer to the voting char, in MS Excel format available here

This thread will now stay open for questions, comments, congratulations, critic, etc. As long as it stays on topic.
I'm glad I was able to win this one, this has probably been the chop I've put the most time into tweaking and trying to get to look right. Anyways, I'll try and get the next picture in within an hour or two so we can get started on the next one.
Boxster17, you did a really good job with the two door conversion. The time you put into it shows. Congratulation!
Oh meg, the one I would've voted for (#9) didn't even make it into the top three! IMO, that was the only really good one...
THX CLARK! biggrin.gif

i thought i was crazy because i thought it looked good
i have trouble downloading the excel file , is it my pc , or the file is corrupted ?
It worked fine for me when I opened it up.
QUOTE(Boxster17 @ Apr 5 2005, 04:02 PM)
It worked fine for me when I opened it up.

can i ask u to mail it to me smile.gif
White RSX
What windows version are you running?
Windows DS_xP.gif, Office DS_xP.gif. " the worst ever"
White RSX
Ah, I was gonna say, they aren't reverse compatible, but meh, you're boned.
what do u mean ? "it is an excel file right ?"
White RSX
What , will u mail it or what ?
White RSX
ok. thanks anyway.
I can e-mail it to you, just PM me with your e-mail address or something if you want me to try and send it.
o man, #15 even shoddily done, looks really good. Imagine if dodge actually tried to make it look more like the originals thumbs_up.gif
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