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Full Version: 1989 Ford Mustang
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I drive one. its a real american muscle car, and I like the looks, not curvey like the 2 cars after it.

It only has the 4 banger engine...and an automatic, but its fast. I think its ultra cool.
no comment, but i will give you props because it is the only thing you drive, and for those of us that drive POS cars you have more courage than we do X.gif

the only fox body mustang that is any good is the Notch.. I will be picking mine up in a few days.

I took this photo 2 weeks ago.
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Never one of my favorites but if you like it that's all that matters!
QUOTE(frondeur @ Mar 21 2005, 09:04 AM)
I drive one. its a real american muscle car,
It only has the 4 banger engine
but its fast.



hahahhaha DD

reminds me of a quote from futurama: Bender: Fry, i just had a nightname! i was walking around and i kept seeing all these zeros and ones. and, i think i saw a two!

sorry, i stayed home today
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