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Full Version: ps question
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i was just playing around in photoshop, and realized that i wanted to B&W a photo.. but, i dont know how! someone wanna give me a hand?

also, is there a better way to crop out a car from a background rather than the lasso tool?
gave you the answer to the first question..dunno about the second one..i mainly use the magic tool
the B&W is just a matter of lowering the saturation to 0...

and as for selecting the car from a background, there is the magic wand, but for any sort of good accuracy, youre gonna have to rough it out with the polygonal lasso tool.
or just go.

imgae, adjust, desaturate

i use the polygonal lasso for cutting everything out
or shift+control+U to desaturate.
thanks guys! a big help .. ill post the finished product when im done
what is B&W?
QUOTE(CHiNo4ReaL @ Mar 21 2005, 04:35 PM)
what is B&W?

Black & White
ok, i linked the images so anyones 56k doesnt fry in your PCi slot.. anyway, this is what i have so far:

IS300 and RSX-S

i want to make the roofs of the cars to kind of blend into the white background, like this:

work-safe .. girl in lingerie(SP?)

also, heres the original:
Thanks to Black_RSX, aka Justin Miner

so, can you guys help me with what i am trying to accomplish?
any help would be greatly appreciated
try to use the diffuse glow effect or sth like that
You can duplicate a layer and make the top layer a semi transparent one. (play around with vivid, multiply etc effect) And then Gaussian blur the bottom layer. It will look like this; .

This is diffuse glow, choose the two colors you want to use on the toolbar and then filter diffuse glow.

Then you can go to edit and fade whatever effects you added. As you can see they are all quite similar even with drastically different settings. Please excuse the quality as I didn't want to link to fullsize imagery.
ahhh! that 360 modelisa is scary! get it away! (nice chop skills, but ahh! its scary!) X.gif
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