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Full Version: Lancia Delta S4
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Here is some info i found about this car:

Designed to replace the 037, the Delta S4 followed Audi and Peugeot in the move to four wheel drive. The program began in 1983 and the first prototype was ready in June 1984. Starting from a clean sheet of paper, with all the experience of the 037 and Stratos, a tubular space frame chassis was adopted, the bare frame weighing under 100kg. The composite (Nomex, carbon-fibre and Kevlar) body panels are bonded to the steel structure to add to its rigidity. The entire front and rear bodywork sections are hinged for easy access. The whole exterior design is dominated by the numerous air intakes, those on the roof cool the engine bay and oil cooler, the lateral ones feed the intercoolers whilst the intake at the base of the windscreen ducts air back (through the sills) to cool the exhaust system.

The suspension was broadly based on the successful layout used on the 037, with double wishbones front and rear and with a number of adjustable pick-up points.

The biggest novelty for the car was the all new drivetrain with a four wheel drive system with three differentials. The gearbox was mounted centrally, ahead of the engine and a spur gear set transmits the power from the gearbox to the centre diff. From this propshafts carry the power to the front and rear differentials. In the centre diff there was a Ferguson type viscous coupling, whilst mechanical self-locking types were fitted at the front and rear. The drive torque split was adjustable, the road cars had 30% front and 70% rear.

An all new engine was designed by Abarth. This had a capacity of 1759cc, used an alloy cylinder head and cylinder block, had four valves per cylinder, twin overhead camshafts, fuel injection (with two injectors per cylinder) and most interestingly both a turbocharger and a supercharger with twin air-to-air intercoolers. A power of 480bhp was produced at 8400rpm. The unusual route of using a supercharger and turbocharger together was to avoid the poor performance of the large turbochargers at low engine speeds. On the S4 the order, from the air intake was turbocharger, intercooler, supercharger, intercooler, inlet manifold (schematic diagram). Once the supercharger became less efficient, at higher engine speeds where the turbo performed better, a bypass allowed the turbo to feed the engine directly.

The road cars had a declared top speed of 225km/h, took 6 seconds to get to 100km/h, and completed the standing km in 25.6 seconds.

more info found here:
Ice, Ice, Baby...
can anyone say Group B rallye cool biggrin.gif
QUOTE(dukenukem @ Mar 15 2005, 12:46 PM)
can anyone say Group B rallye cool biggrin.gif

R. Waters
all rally cars are cool
The best of the Gr.B rally cars, which ironically was the last straw that caused the end of the super car era on the special stages. Again, power figures are underrated, they topped at about 650 hp. The performance was staggering. 0-100 km/h took 2.4 seconds on gravel. Furthermore Henri Toivonen's best lap at Estoril in '86 would have qualified him 6th in the '86 Portugese GP starting grid.

They had several difficulties in sychronizing the forced induction, there was a short time on the rev range when switching from SC to turbo where the engine produced no boost. Still it was the most drivable of all the group B cars
There was a version of the Delta S4 being tested in the last months of the GrpB days. Lancia was ironing out hte difficulties with the locked center diffs, not to mention the lag with he engine, you had to rev it to the top of the rpms to keep the torque up. There were reports that the new engine had just under 1000hp.....Marku Alen said it was basically undrivable.
Actually, the Toivonen at Estoril incident involved a gravel byroad that they uesd for testing, so they did'nt actually drive the whole lap.- but when the F1 drivers came over to strut their stuff the team chief calmly presented his timesheet for the F1 guys to see. Predicatbly, they were stunned biggrin.gif

(Sorry need to spoil a good story with facts, but think it over - F1s were about same power, gumball slicks, half the weight and massive downforce wink.gif)
I think it's safe to say all Group B Rally Cars are sub zero!
ICE Cold! thumbs_up.gif
Colder than Amanda Carters heart!
Group B rally cars are so outrageous they have to be cool
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