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Full Version: The Lotus Europa
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so you tell it cool.

This is a small Lotus...about 1.5m wide...2.5m long Glass Fiber body built on a back bone chassis. It debued in 1964, and was phased out of production in 1972. it is powerd by a light weight aloy DOHC Renault 1.6L inline 4 making between 80 and 126bhp (depending on where your from, and which model you have), mounted longitudnaly in the middle of the car. attached to the engine is a 5 speed transaxle, driving the rear wheels.

I dont have any performance stats for this car, but it is light and quick...I can say from personal experience that it is very nimble...partially from the lack of safety structures, i.e. the only thing between you and the guy T-boning you is a couple layers of glass fiber.

a cool fact is that it was designed by the same guy who designed the GT40 at Lotus.

your safety structure (the frame, to which the Glass Fiber body was bonded)
I know it looks like an aborted pickup, but a fucking sexy aborted pickup. I gave it a frozen because...well...I just love this car.
i always thought it looked like a hearse
Its the elise before it was an elise... How could it not be cool?
its an excellent performer, but the styling is a tad lame. i give it a cool.
best handling ute ever ?

fucking cool !
The Milky Man
They look ~100x better in real life. Freezin'
Agreed. More frozen than a penguin's pods laugh.gif
The styling is a bit weird but no doubt its a good car. Would hate to be in an accident in one though.
Whats that little yellow Lotus to the left of it in that one pic? I forgot the name but I've seen em before and love the styling. It's the Elan, right?
Yep, thats the Elan alright. Didn't last long IIRC, built from 1989-1994 before the Elise replaced it wink.gif
QUOTE(Si_GTi @ Mar 12 2005, 05:50 AM)
Yep, thats the Elan alright. Didn't last long IIRC, built from 1989-1994 before the Elise replaced it wink.gif

Sexy little cars though. Wonder if the US ever got em?
looks kinda like a muira somehow...
R. Waters
I like it better in black and gold stripes like in sega GT
It looks weird..and is from europe so it sucks
QUOTE(frondeur @ Mar 21 2005, 03:06 PM)
It looks weird..and is from europe so it sucks

Great argument dry.gif thumbs_down.gif
biggrin.gif Frondeur, it always depends what you want from your cars...

Don't misunderstand me, I have been happy with cars from other continents which suited the purposes I bought them for; amongst other cars, I have a Dodge Durango that has served me very well, but it is not my first choice to take on a track day wink.gif

I wouldn't want a Europa because of the lack of side impact safety, but there's no denying the competence of the car as a driving tool – especially when seen with its contemporaries!
A Colin Chapman fanboy complaining about safety....?
I like it. It's a Lotus.
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