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Full Version: Jaguar XJ-13
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You're best to post some specs and info with the car.
I think this car was featured on the 'Victory By Design' series with Alain de Cadenet.

I will have to dig up my DVD to check it out..
it was in Victory by was susposed to take over for the e-type when jag thought it was getting a little long in the tooth for racing...but it never really took off...

one of the most beautiful jag's ever
It was made for an attack on Le Mans but at the last minute it got pulled. The prototype wrecked in testing.

Oh that V12 was also related to the motor that was found in the E-type.

God I could NOT imagine tuning those carbs....
fiber optic
A Jaguar in BRG! Truly a car after my :heart:

what is that white car next to the green jag?
i think that is a CAN-AM E-type V12
Someone want to split the tie on this one?
Holy crap that's cool!

I just split the tie thumbs_up.gif
That car is so cool, and that green color is truly special.
Absoultely beautiful. Too bad more of them weren't produced .
the best looking Jag by far
are there any hi-res pics of it?
British Racing Green = thumbs_up.gif
Jaguar XJ13 = thumbs_up.gif
Both of them = teh sex.
QUOTE(McKhaos @ Apr 18 2005, 08:51 AM)
Absoultely beautiful. Too bad more of them weren't produced .

Both Lynx and Proteus used to make exact replicas of XJ13s. Have a look here...
I saw this at Silverstone a few years ago its even better in the flesh! I think there is only one of them in the world which makes it even more cool
Absolutely Frozen, this beauty is in a design book I have. I imagine it would've been mad vicious at the tracks; in my opinion the best feature (after the engine and then the body) is the (lack of) roof.
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