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> FAQ: Noobs Read This First! Common questions answe, How to survive DS without looking dumb
post Nov 25 2003, 11:25 PM
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How do I add html/links to my signature?
If you wish to put a link into your signature, you must use HTML; Invision tags are not supported in signatures. If you do not know HTML, simply "fill in the blanks" of this example and put it into your signature:
<a href="url">Title Of Link</a>

We DO NOT allow images or any active code (i.e. anything moving or in any way distracting) in your signatures to speed up loading for users on slower connections and to make the boards look cleaner. If you have images or offending code in your signature, they WILL be removed by a moderator, and a light punishment may follow depending on the nature of the HTML in question. Please do not abuse this html privilege. Thank you for your understanding.

In addition, to prevent any large signatures cluttering up the appearance of the forums, we ask that you keep all signatures to ten lines or less, including spaces. An overly long or offensive sig will be removed by a moderator, no ifs, ands, or buts.

What is Fast Reply and how do I turn it on?
Fast reply is a very useful box that let's you make replies without having to load the "add reply" page.

However, it is NOT enabled by default. To enable Fast Replies, click on "My Controls" on the top of the board (under the google ads), go to Board Settings, and turn on the Fast Reply option.

How do I upload images?
Need a place to host your images? we have been kindly donated some storage space and bandwidth by our friends at supload.net. :heart: to mix for providing space and bandwidth

go to: http://www.supload.com

Upload your images.. then copy/paste the url/image code that it spits out and post them here. Be sure the visit made2own.com and thank Mix for his kind services.

How do I add images to my post?
1. find an image that you want to post from the internet. If you see an image you want to post, right click on it and find the exact address of that image. (usually http://www.whatever.com/image.jpg.
2. If you do need a place to host an image of your own, I highly suggest an uploader like Supload. (read the entry above this one)
3. In your post, simply click on the "IMG" button.
4. Paste the address of your image location.
5. Post away and it should work!

Please be kind to our 56K users, post a warning!
To be courteous to the users on this board that are not endowed with high-speed internet connections, please try to keep the image size of pictures below 150k when you make a post with pictures. If this is not possible for you, then please put some sort of 56k warning in the title of your post or link to the pictures instead of displaying them directly in the thread.

Some examples of 56k warnings:
"My car! (56k)"
"Great pics, 56k beware"
"Cool wallpapers, 56k warning"

Thank you for being kind to those who don't have the fortune to have broadband access.

Is Porn allowed in the Babes Forum?
I'm all for hot women just like every other guy, but I'm also all for having some sort of standard. This is a car forum, not a smutty website. I'm sure if you wanted porn on the internet, it's not very hard to find. In fact, it's probably just a popup away. Having said that, we must draw a line somewhere. so..

no nudity
no nasty sick shit
no beastiality
and no XXX stuff..
basically.. NO NUDITY AT ALL.

Sound reasonable enough? Beautiful chicks thumbs_up.gif, anything beyond that = warning and possible ban.

Who Hosts this website?
Dieselstation is being hosted with our good friends at Made2Own.com. They have provided us with an excellent hosting package and the reliability is damn impressive. If you need some webhosting at ridiculously low prices, give Mix over at Made2Own.com an email. http://www.made2own.com

How do you make thumbnail links to pictures?

Simple! An example along with the code is below:


[url=] Contains the URL to the full sized image. In the [img] tag, insert the link for the thumbnail of the full sized image and then close the tags with [/img] and [/url].

Like that!
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post Oct 2 2005, 12:35 AM
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<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:orange'>Some Other Helpful Guidelines</span></span>

To make your stay at DS as pleasant as possible, we suggest these handy tips to blend in with the crowd and prevent any unpleasantness:

1. Use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling

We're not about to scream at you for using a split infinitive, but we certainly appreciate posts that are reasonably well formatted and punctuated, with proper spelling and basic grammar (proper period, comma, semicolon, colon etc. use). It just makes reading the board that much more pleasant and easy for all of us and helps you get your message across with as little fuss as possible. Very highly reccomended.

2. Avoid 'bumping' old threads

A bump is a post in a thread that bumps the thread up to the top of the forum page. This is frowned upon if the thread is either A) Not on the first page of the subforum in question or B) more than a week old. This rule does not apply in the cool wall section of the forum.

3. Please post in english

Although DieselStation is a forum that draws car enthusiasts from all over the world, the only common language that we share as a community is english. To allow for universal comprehension of your posts, please refrain from speaking in languages other than english...you're just going to end up talking gibberish to most of us.

4. Avoid personal insults or attacks

Opinions on cars run the gamut, and this forum draws car enthusiasts from all walks. We're always open to a healthy debate, but insulting members for their views, instead of just politely debating a point, is uncalled for and can lead to severe punishment depending on the severity and frequency of the attacks in question. Outright banning is not out of the question for extreme cases.

5. Above all, think and fact-check before you post!

A post that's spun from a web of lies doesn't do anybody any good. Check your facts before you post if you're unsure and please don't say stupid stuff. I know that's broad but that's why it's a guideline, not a requirement.
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