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Dieselstation Car Forums _ Off Topic _ A loss to our community

Posted by: Cyclone Mar 2 2019, 01:53 AM


It is in great sadness to post this message. We have lost a valuable long time member of this community. Alex Mills, aka Viper007Bond, has passed away at the age of 34 due to leukemia. He had announced earlier in the week that he had decided to end his battle. Alex passed away peacefully with friends and family on Feb 27th, 2019.

He was an integral part of this community in the early days, and he was also a vital part of spearheading TopGear UK into the popularity that it has seen today with us in the rest of the world.

Alex founded FinalGear, which shared the show with a lot of us who couldn't access it before. FinalGear also started a charity drive for Richard Hammond after the jet car incident, and provided a new racing helmet which was seen in multiple episodes.

The news of Alex's passing was announced by Jeremy Clarkson on Twitter, whom personally commended him for his contributions for the show gaining the success that it had.

There isn't anything formally announced for funeral arrangements that we've seen just yet, but we ask that you keep himself and his family in your thoughts.

This is a tragic loss to our community, and he will be missed. Our community, DieselStation, FinalGear, and TopGear are deeply saddened by this news.

His legacy will live on, and will never be forgotten.

With great love to everyone here, and in the memory of Alex Mills.

- Cyclone, and also the rest of us here at DS.

Posted by: moe Mar 2 2019, 08:24 PM

I just read about this on Jalopnik as well as JF Musial's FB. It sucked to hear about. FinalGear helped me through some tough times.

Hope everyone's been well.

Posted by: shandyman5 Feb 19 2020, 04:46 PM

Just read this today... very sad to here. Hope everyone is well.

I miss this place.

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