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Dieselstation Car Forums _ Photography _ my all new website is online

Posted by: joker69 Dec 2 2013, 05:20 AM

Hello folks

My all new website is finally online. I also did an online store, where i gonna sell some high quality prints, merch and clothes (coming soon).

You can find some of my most iconic pictures, but some new work aswell. I'll update the website from time to time.

It would be great if you find some time to visit my website.

comments & critism are welcome

Feel free to share my website and spread word!



Posted by: Broda Dec 2 2013, 09:17 PM

I feel like i may not be tough enough for your website... that being said. The photos are outstanding obviously and the layout looks excellent.
I guess my only comment would be to if you can leave the Blog off for now until you actually have posts. Feel its a small thing, but just a thought.

On another note, how did you ever get into that culture physically? I have a feeling they would smell my fear...

Looks great!

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