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> The New Cool Wall Rules, Read before posting or get your thread deleted!
post Mar 24 2009, 05:29 PM
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Alright, so the old cool wall suffered from a major case of grade inflation (289 cool & frozen cars versus 73 uncool & seriously uncool) so we're trying to have another go at it.

This time, in terms of voting, you will vote between 3 options: cool, neutral, and uncool. After about 20 votes, the car will be moved to its final subforum destination based on how voting went. The following results are possible:

Frozen: This is possible only if a car receives a number of cool votes that is at least 80% of the total number of votes on the car, including neutral votes.
Cool: If the car fails to meet the criteria for frozen, but the number of cool votes exceed the number of uncool votes, then the car is cool.
Uncool: If the car fails to meet the criteria for seriously uncool, but the number of uncool votes exceed the number of cool votes, then the car is uncool.
Seriously Uncool: This is possible only if a car receives a number of uncool votes that is at least 80% of the total number of votes on the car, including neutral votes.

Otherwise, the forum rules transfer pretty much wholesale from the old forum, and are as such:

Rules of the Cool Wall
These rules are listed in an intuitive order for someone who's never posted a car in the Cool Wall.

1. Check if the car you want to put onto the Cool Wall is allowed.

What vehicles are allowed to be posted in the Cool Wall? Examples in Italics.
  • Production cars, trucks or SUVs from any country or year. Ligier JS4, Volkswagen Thing, Audi RS4, Mazda REPU, Mercedes Benz Unimog, Ford Model A
  • Performance cars are to be posted in seperate polls if there are significant differences from the base model. Dodge Neon and Dodge Srt-4, Buick Regal and Buick GNX, Audi A4 and Audi RS4 would all be seperate polls.
  • Cars with significant differences between generations should be posted in seperate generations. First Generation Chevrolet Camaro and Third Generation Chevrolet Camaro
  • Tuner cars from well known companies that are available for public sale. Brabus, Lingenfelter, TechArt
  • Kit cars if they were or are currently available for sale. Ariel Atom, Factory Five Racing GTM
  • Concept cars if they were not put into production but were running and drivable. 1973 Rotary-powered Corvette, Ford GT90, Chrysler ME-412
  • User's Rides if they are significantly modified from stock. These must be posted only by the user who owns that car. Any and all modified cars owned by a DS user.
  • Dedicated Factory Racecars. Porsche 917, Subaru STi WRC
What vehicles are specifically not allowed in the Cool Wall?
  • "Tuner" cars, in particular one-off custom cars. Mine's Skyline GT-R, Custom Twin-Turbo Ford GT, Any car some guy scratch built in his garage with a welder and some spackle
  • Non-factory, one-off production based racecars. Falken Skyline GT-R, Top Secret's S15 Silvia
  • One-off Engine swaps. V8 RX7, Subaru powered Porsche
  • Current concept cars that could be put into production. Lamborghini Estoque
  • Nonsense or non-running concept cars, no sci-fi driving pods, "Slug Drive." or styrofoam props. Mazda Kiyora
This list is subject to change and the discretion of Cool Wall management.
If you're unsure if a vehicle is allowed, please ask in the new Feedback thread: http://forums.dieselstation.com/index.php?showtopic=27305

2. Check that the car you want to post isn't already in the Cool Wall.

Many of the more popular sports and vintage cars have already been posted, so use the Search function to double check. Try searching by both maker and model seperately to yield more results. To find the Jaguar XJ-13, use the search terms "Jaguar", "Jaguar XJ", "XJ-13" and "XJ13". Duplicate polls will be deleted immediately and without warning so search thoroughly please. Also, as noted above, cars can be posted seperately in their generations if there are significant differences. If this is the case, double check which years and generations have already been posted.

3. Bumps are allowed in the Cool Wall.

A "bump" is when someone posts in a thread that's old (typically more than a month ago) and no longer topical, bringing it to the top. This is generally frowned upon here on DS as being a nuisance. However bumps are allowed and encouraged in the Cool Wall. If you were going to post a car and found a poll was already made, feel free to vote on and post your opinion of the car. But please don't spam with Cool Wall with gibberish one-liners "nice." "I like it" just to boost your post count. This is can lead to a tempban in extreme cases. Lastly, many of these polls are old and the pics don't work. Don't bump polls just to tell us that, spend a few minutes on Google Images and post up some pictures that can be edited into the original post.

4. Create a new thread with poll for a car.

This is fairly simply but there are some guidelines.
  • A new thread must contain a picture and basic specifications at the very least. A background on the vehicle's development or a link to a review of the vehicle is encouraged.
  • The title of the post must include the make and model of the car, also include the model years or generation if applicable.
  • A poll with three choices must be included, top to bottom: Cool, Neutral, Uncool.

    To add a poll to your new thread:
    In the new thread screen, click "Click here to manage this topic's poll"
    "Poll Title" may be left blank.
    Click the green "[Add Poll Question]"
    In the box under "Poll Content" type the word "Poll"
    Click the green "[Add Poll Choice]" four times.
    In the boxes numbered enter:
    1 = Cool
    2 = Neutral
    3 = Uncool
  • Seperate your opinion from the review and details of the car you're posting. A biased rant about why a car sucks or is "rawrsome" will not pass for a Cool Wall poll and is subject to deletion.
  • New threads must be posted in the main Cool Wall forum. Any threads created already in the Cool Wall subforums will be subject to immediate deletion.
  • Put a little effort into it, let's keep the Cool Wall... cool. Here's an example of a well done poll: Lamborghini Miura
5. After a number of votes, a car will be moved to it's appropriate forum.

Simply, the Cool Wall is like an electoral college. Just because a car has 1 more vote for Cool than Uncool does mean it's going to be moved. Moving cars with ambiguous votes is at the sole discretion of the mods and admins in charge of the Cool Wall.
  • Currently a car is moved after at least 20 votes unless it's a very close call.
  • Cars can be moved between forums if votes change significantly enough, that means a car can go from the Cool forum to Uncool forum. So don't think that because a car you like is already in the Uncool subforum that your vote doesn't count. But also don't think that just because a car has one or two more votes it's going to be immediately moved. A significant change in votes is imperative. What counts as "significant" is at the discretion of the dieselstation moderators or admins.
  • A car can be moved back to main Cool Wall for more voting if it's a close vote. This is a rare instance but a possibility.
  • There are some cars that are very fast or good-looking that will never be moved out of the uncool sections. The Mercedes SLR is the poster child for these repulsively uncool bastards. Whining about it is even uncooler.
*Rules revised 11/24/06
*Rules revised 3/24/09
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