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> DSCOTY '06: Official winners, Final category and overall victors
post Dec 13 2005, 06:07 PM
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Original competition rules can be found here.

Boy Racers: Subaru Impreza (WRX & STi)

Economy Car: VW Golf MkV (excluding 2.0T models)

Entry-level Luxury: VW Passat 3.6

Exotics: Bugatti Veyron

Family Cars: VW Passat 2.0T

Hot 4-doors: Audi RS4

Luxury Car: Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Most Significant: Bugatti Veyron

Sports Cars & Convertibles: Porsche Cayman S

Sports Sedans: BMW 3-series

SUVs under $30k: Suzuki Grand Vitara

SUVs over $30k: Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Trucks: Honda Ridgeline

Overall: Bugatti Veyron

Honorable Mention: BMW M5
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post Dec 17 2005, 12:16 AM
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QUOTE(clarkma5 @ Dec 16 2005, 11:22 PM) *
A lot of VW AG products won, yes, but VW AG composes a lot of companies that released a lot of new models for 2006. In fact, 12 of the 67 cars in the competition were VW AG vehicles, representing a total percentage of 17.9%...and I think nobody can deny that a lot of the cars entered in the competition never even had a chance, making the VW AG car's odds even better.

And at the end of the day, Mitlov, what is so hard for you to understand that a lot of people, particularly younger people (and dieselstation is almost entirely under-25 year olds) like Volkswagen products? These aren't even extremely scientific polls we had here...almost none of us have driven more than a couple of these cars...we're forming our opinion on anecdotes, magazine reviews, specs and pictures, and you are NO EXCEPTION to that.

So, mitlov, stop your war on VW. It's getting silly. You need to take this competition for what it is...a fun DS experiment. And I would like to say that outside of your endless bickering, I have really enjoyed putting this together and seeing it unfold.

Did you forget that I voted for the A3 as the best sport sedan? My "war against VW" is all in your head, Clark. Seriously, it is. I really don't understand why you keep getting upset. You are so damned defensive and hostile it's amazing.

All I noted that cars from a single company--VAG--constituted more than half of the winners. I said that VAG had a lot of fans at DieselStation. I didn't make any judgment. I didn't say VW sucks, or that people who like VWs suck. I noted a statistical fact about the winners. Period.

I also noted that European cars as a whole dominated this competition, with more than 3/4s of the awards. I also noted that not a single American car won a single award. How do these observations fit in with this alleged "war on VW"? It doesn't. It's just more fun with statistics.

I've had a lot of fun in this competition. It's really too bad that a little debate about what cars are in what category and why can ruin your fun. It's not like I've been flaming you. It's not like I've been insulting you. It's not like I've been shouting "lol VW suxxors!!!" So what precisely have I done that you believe constitutes a war on VAG?

1) I disagreed that the GTI belonged in the "most significant" category simply because it brought the nameplate back from alleged mediocrity, unless all cars that did the same (including the Civic Si) were also included. That's not an attack on the GTI, just a discussion of what does and does not constitute "most significant."

2) I agreed that the A3 should be in the "most significant" category, but thought it should be there under different grounds. Hardly an attack. I clearly like the A3--that's why I voted it the best sport sedan.

3) I said that Audi and VW have "classy but conservative" aesthetic design. I still don't see how that's an attack. Frankly, I think it's praise--just a descriptive sort of praise. And all that talk about VW/Audi designs being the "navy two-button suits" of the car world? I OWN A NAVY TWO-BUTTON SUIT.

4) I said that there was no overwhelming consensus as to whether the RS4 is attractive. Frankly, I don't believe that there's overwhelming consensus as to whether ANY car is attractive. That's just the nature of people's aesthetic tastes. Once again, not an attack.

5) I made a passing comment about the Passat's below-average relibility in the "family car" competition. That's fair game, as reliability is part of what makes a good family car.

THAT'S ALL IT WAS, CLARK. You need to chill out.
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